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Aelous Kephas - The Alternative Perceptions Community
April 9, 2009
Aeolus Kephas is the voice of the podcast Stormy Weather and the author of "Lucid View", a book about the religious, magical, and paranoid beliefs pertaining to the 21st century. He shares an unorthodox analysis of conspiracy theory, ufology, extraterrestrialism, and occultism through the sorcery wars of Freemasonry and the Illuminati. We've invited Aeolus on the program to talk about the alternative perceptions community, the conspiracy movement, the new counterculture and the control of the high magicians. Topics Discussed: psychology, the unconscious mind, Zeitgeist, 9/11, Carlos Castaneda, UFOs, marketing and packaging esoteric ideas, 2009 being the start of the new 60s, emitter and receiver of information and knowledge, the control system, technology, alchemy, the shadow and more. We continue in our members section talking with Aeolus about new paradigms. What's the next step? We discuss quantum consciousness, the high magicians pulling the strings (the hierarchy of sorcery) god, the collective psyche and the power of love. Topic Discussed: "problems", reincarnation, refining consciousness, expression of energy, a new heaven and a new earth, reality. Later, we talk about science, technology, cloning, archons, demons, reality as a computer game and the placebo effect.


Relevant links
The Secret of Seers
Enslaved By Belief: Why Conspiracy Theory Can Never Cut It
Cloak of the Illuminati: The Lumpen Elite
Carlos Castaneda
Carl Jung
They've Seen the Future and Dislike the Present (Peter Joseph and the 9/11 disassociation ref)
Jungian archetypes
Collective unconscious
Quantum field theory

Books & DVDs
Lucid View

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