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Frank Albo - Occult Origins of the Manitoba Legislative Building
November 30, 2008

Frank Albo returns for our part two to discuss the occult and astrological origins of the Manitoba Legislative Building. In this fascinating program we discuss the architect(s) behind the building, the design and the symbolism of the building. We discuss the connection between law and freemasonry. At the end of the program we also discuss the astrological origins of the building. What has the planets Mercury and Venus to do with the Manitoba Legislative Building? Don't miss this interesting program as we discuss Enlightenment, Lucifer, Theurgy, Venus, Satan, 666, initiation in architecture, symbols within the building, bulls, Fertility goddess lady Manitoba, Cybele, Hermes/Mercury, the golden boy, Arch of the Covenant, Solomon's Temple, The connection between Law and Freemasonry, Neoclassicism, Crowley, Manley P Hall, Albert Pike, Blavatsky, Robert Fludd, Cornelius Agrippa, Paracelsus, Giordano Bruno, Tie Creak (Canada's Stonehenge), Power of the Sun. To listen to the first segment with Frank go here.

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Links & Sources to the program

Winnipeg's Secret Code

Royal Institute of British Architects

Provincial Law Courts, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Manitoba Legislative Building

Frank Lewis Worthington Simon



Palladian architecture


Venus (mythology)


Lucifer - Where did the Word come from and what is its True Meaning?

Solomon's Temple

Yom Kippur

Golden Boy (Manitoba)

Masonic Parlante in a Canadian Temple of Democracy: The Manitoba Legislative Building as Initiatory Theatre

Is Local Legislature a Disguised Pagan Temple?

Giordano Bruno


Simon Magus

Robert Fludd

Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa


666: What's in a Number?





Ark of the Covenant

Hermeticism and Western Esotericism

Celestial and Mathematical Precision in Ancient Architecture

America's Arcane Origins

Washington: District of Cydonia

Masonic exposés

Masonry Dissected by Samuel Pritchard (mentioned as James Pritchard in the program)

Breaking Toronto’s Masonic code

Turin Shrouds Its Magic, Black and White, in Plain Sight

Does Necropolis hold the key to Freemasonry’s secret history?

Phoenix: Masonic Metropolis in the Valley of the Sun

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David Ovason, zodiacs and Washington, DC

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