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Steve Willner - Particle Accelerators, The Waterdoor & Evolution of Man
March 27, 2008
Steve Willner from "Labyrinth of the Psychonaut," a website that explores metaphysics, the occult and conspiracy theory using "synchromysticism," returns to Red Ice Radio. Steve says as in any system the collective consciousness of people shows itself in movies, music, poetry, science and philosophy. In this program, Steve discusses some of his latest work and we explore the topics of the cosmic particle accelerators, CERN, the water door, the tower of Babel and the evolution of man. Join us for a fascinating discussion. More Topics Discussed: Ouroboros, looking glass technology, S R Haddon (from the movie Contact) Esar-Haddon and the tower of Babel, the modern tower of Babel, the search for the "God Particle", pineal gland as the internal eye, dreams and the unconscious, 2012 and evolution though the cosmic particle accelerators, water, Ian McKellen, Rendezvous with RAMA, "Protection" of the earth, God, purpose and the divine force in the universe, the Holographic Universe and much more.


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