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Jim Elvidge - Are we Living in a Simulation, a Programmed Reality?
March 13, 2008
Jim Elvidge holds a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University. He also holds 4 patents in digital signal processing and has written articles for publications as diverse as Monitoring Times and the IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing. For many years, Elvidge has kept pace with the latest research, theories, and discoveries in the varied fields of subatomic physics, cosmology, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and the paranormal. In this program, we discuss concepts from his book, "The Universe Solved." We'll explore theories of reality, such as the possibility that our reality (the universe) is programmed. Also, we talk about the possibility that we're trapped inside a simulation from a previous civilizations and/or another race of intelligent beings. If we are not living in a simulation then how far away are we from creating our own simulated reality? Join us for a fascinating discussion about reality with Jim Elvidge. More Topics Discussed: nanotechnology, powerful computers, Moor's law, The Thirteenth Floor, Existence, video games, nanobots, metaphysical anomalies, magic, UFO's, the hive mind, Easter eggs and much more. We continue our interesting discussion with Jim Elvidge in hour two and expand on the concept of the nanobots. We also discuss technological singularity and artificial intelligence and how this connects with the idea about programmed reality. Later, Jim tells us if we can reprogram reality and/or manipulate it. Other Topics Discussed: consciousness, the soul, the holographic universe, DNA manipulation, entheogens, mushrooms, shamans, uploading our brains to computer, after life and much more.


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