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T. Stokes - Hitler, The Occult, WWII & NWO Astrologers
January 27, 2008
T. Stokes is a lecturer in paranormal studies and worldwide known consultant palmist. He is also the author of many articles on WWII and the occult. In this program, he discusses his research and theories. We begin by talking about WWII history. Topics Discussed: Sir Francis Drake, Rudolph Hess, WWII, MI6 sting operations, T. Stokes a whistleblower, Soviet and German invasion of Poland, Churchill and his doppelganger Norman Shelley, lies and politics, Freemasonry, Rothschild's, how the Iraq War was "sold" to us, the Iraq War fraud, Cherie Blair and the occult, Archbishop Cosmo Gordon Lang, Dennis Wheatley, Aleister Crowley, Churchill and the Black Group, Louis De Wohl, General Stubblebine, Men Who Stare at Goats, CFR, Rockefeller foundation, Gordon Brown, propaganda war, Versailles Treaty, Neville Chamberlain, Tibet and China, Anthony Blunt, Center for Public Integrity, Osama Bin Laden and much more. In our second hour for members, T. Stokes speaks more about Freemasonry and the new world order agenda. More Topics Discussed: the brotherhood, KGB, Nazis and secret societies, the new world order philosophy, Information Research Department, Kim Philby and the others of the "Cambridge Five", Cambridge, Oxford, Ruth Werner, the Rothschild's, left wing & right wing, George Blake, the "religion" of sports, drugs, Joe Benjamin, William Roy, politicians & blackmail, palmistry, Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama.


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Books & DVDs
Secrets, Spies and 7/7

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