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Kent Daniel Bentkowski - Financial Crisis & The Housing Bubble
December 31, 2007
RIP: July 30th, 2008. Kent Daniel Bentkowski from kentroversypapers.net joins us for our last show of 2007, we discuss Kent's report "Will you Survive the Coming Financial Crash?" We begin to talk about the housing bubble and what 2008 might hold financially and politically. "Topic Discussed: Will the housing bubble pop? Will people lose their homes in the next few years? "Real world math" and the plan to dumb-down students, Council on Foreign Relations, US bankrupt in 1933? Debt & the Federal Reserve, the upcoming presidential election in 2008, Ron Paul, Civil war in the US? the Euro, The Lisbon Treaty (The EU Constitution), The SPP - Security and Prosperity Partnership (North American Union front) and things to look forward to in 2008.


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