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Stephen Ruback - Beware: the Aquarian Age, The Masculine & The Feminine
December 2, 2007
Dr. Ruback is both a degreed engineer and spiritual healer, actively studying and applying basic operating principles in both areas for more than 35 years. In that time he has provided solutions to a long list of complex technical problems as well as bringing powerful healing energies to hundreds of people. He leads the way in consciously integrating a working balance between the masculine and feminine energies [analytical and intuitive] for a practical, multi-dimensional approach to spiritual expression and personal empowerment in daily living. His many activities include spiritual healer, teacher, creator, designer, author, publisher, public speaker, artist, counselor, consultant, minister, engineer and philosopher. In this program, Stephen Ruback, author of "The Quest" discusses the Aquarian Age. Stephen says, we all consist of masculine and feminine energy. They are opposite poles of the whole energy in each person. We are currently in denial of our feminine energy within self. You can move into the Aquarian age easily, and with minimum pain, by awakening to the challenge and doing the necessary work within to bring your feminine energy into full conscious partnership, or you can hold on to your denials and go kicking and screaming, immersed in painful experiences. The more of us there are making these changes within, the easier it will be for everyone.


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