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Alan Watt - European Union & The World Empire
October 14, 2007
Long-term researcher into the causative forces behind major changes in historical development, Alan Watt discusses elite tactics, the European Union and the world empire. Topics Discussed: European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), (RIA) Royal Institute of Affairs, Rhodes Scholar, League of Nations, Oxford University, Fabians, Socialists, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and the new world order, European Union, The European Constitution, the holy Roman empire, Pieter Brueghel's Tower of Babel EU modeled after the US, the Bible, Cain, Cannibal (Cain Able), GeneIsis, Hu-Man, democracy and the elite, Common Purpose, charitable foundations & law, Freemasonry a charitable organizations?, assassins (Hashshashin) mind control cults, Bush-Nazi connection, NGO & leaders, plagues, virus, quarantine, NATO pact, Loyala University, Gore Nobel Prize, Armand Hammer (Arm & Hammer) and Orange Free State.


Relevant links
Rhodes Scholarship
Fabian Society
Modern Tower of Babel

NGO - Non-governmental Organization
Common Purpose
Gordon Brown's New World Order -speech (Video)
Brian Gerrish - No EU - Common Purpose Government Infiltrators (Video)
David Noakes (Video list on google.com)

Books & DVDs
Reality Check Part 1
Reality Check Part 2 - Wisdom, Esoterica and ...TIME
Information on Alan's Three Books: Cutting Through Volumes I, II and III
Ancient Religions and History MP3 CDs Part 1 (1998) & Part 2 (1998-2000) A Unique Penetrating Look Into the Past

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