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Scott Wolter - The Kensington Rune Stone, The Cistercians & 9/11 Pentagon Forensics
August 30, 2007
Scott F. Wolter is a Minnesota geologist and author most well known for his theories and books about the Kensington Rune Stone. Scott joins us to talk about one of Minnesota's greatest mysteries, The Kensington Rune Stone. Topics Discussed: Scott's involvement working on the Rune Stone, the history and discovery of the 202 pound stone, Olof Ohman, the connection to Gotland in Sweden, Scott's forensic work on the stone, the dating process, Pyrite (Fool's Gold), mica minerals, the writing on the stone, "Code" found in the runes, connection to astronomy, Gutar (Goths) and Norwegians, the grail (Gral) and the Cistercians. During hour two, in the subscriber section, Scott continues to talk about the Cistercians and the templar purge. He explains why the Cistercians fled to America and possibly assimilated into some of the Native American tribes. Does this in any way connect with the genocide of the Native Americans? Why did Rome (The Vatican) try to rid of the Templars and the Cistercians? Later, Scott veers off into a different topic about some of his findings when he did forensic work on the Pentagon after 9/11. He tells us there were some major differences compared to other structural damage caused by fire.


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