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A.j. Bruno - Mind Control
July 19, 2007
A.j. Bruno from OneHeartBooks.com talks about mind control and his own experience with EMF weaponry. Other Topics Discussed: The bookshop, the military & technological development, Dr. Nick Begich: "Controlling the Human Mind", healing and the field testing of these devices, testing on the human population, directed acoustic sound systems, hearing voices, projected audio and visual cortex manipulation, seeing illusions, The Truman Show, brain scanners, brain reading equipment, HAARP, the new world order, elite bloodlines, the future, Noah's Ark, 9/11 and trauma, knowledge as medicine, the power of books, crystals, recognizing spirt and solutions.


Relevant links
Mind Control section on One Heart Books
John St. Clair Akwei vs. NSA, Ft. Meade, MD, USA
The Electromagnetic Spectrum in Low-Intensity Conflict (pdf)
The Mind Has No Firewall (pdf)
Mind Control: The Ultimate Brave New World - by Dr. Nick Begich (excerpt from Controlling the Human Mind) (pdf)
Wonder Weapons - U.S. News by Douglas Pasternak (pdf)
Microwave Harrassment and Mind-Control Experimentation - by Julianne McKinney (pdf)
A Voice Only You Can Hear: DARPA's Sonic Projector
Mind-reading toys could revolutionize play
What are GWEN Towers?
Mind Control Slavery and the New World Order
Subliminal Advertising and Modern Day Brainwashing
Electromagnetic Weapons, Mind Control & New Technology

Books & DVDs
Controlling the Human Mind - by Dr. Nick Begich
Mind Control, World Control - by Jim Keith
Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness - by Jim Keith
Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A. by Alex Constantine


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