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Alan Watt - Surveillance, The Control Grid, Spirituality & The Earth Matrix
June 24, 2007
Alan Watt joins us for a conversation about Surveillance, Science & The Grid of Control. Topics Addressed: cameras, Cold War, Star Wars Project, monitoring the population, the "ID" (Ideal Design) card, PNAC - The Project for the New American Century, personality profiles, Interpol, The Eastern Star, gossip collectors, agents and spies, media, TV, The European Union, the League of Nations, the war on the individual, the chip: construction and use, Jose Delgado, Tavistock, DARPA, Zbigniew Brzezinski's Book "Between two Ages", experimentation on troops, underground bases, Rand Corporation, HAARP technology, underground tunnels, GMO & food modification. For our members, Alan Watt continues talking about spirituality and the Earth matrix. Topics Highlighted: life as an experience, true spirituality, wealth superiority, natural laws, rise of violence, the power of the "Idea", individuality, the spirit, the happy slave, collectivism, communitarianism, The Matrix, psychopaths in society, the system of extortion, virtual reality and primitive peoples.


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Books & DVDs
Reality Check Part 1
Reality Check Part 2 - Wisdom, Esoterica and ...TIME
Information on Alan's Three Books: Cutting Through Volumes I, II and III
Ancient Religions and History MP3 CDs Part 1 (1998) & Part 2 (1998-2000) A Unique Penetrating Look Into the Past


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