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Ralph Ellis - Pharaohs in Egypt, The BIble, The Hyksos, King Solomon & Cleopatra to Christ
April 8, 2007
Author, historian and researcher Ralph Ellis discusses the Hyksos dynasty, Egypt and biblical characters as Pharaohs. Highlighted Topics Include: Ralph's background, Egypt, Pharaohs, The Hyksos, the Shepard Kings, the historical accuracy of the Bible, Flavius Josephus, Mount Sinai, The Pyramids, The all seeing eye and the connection to masonry, Moses, Jesus, Solomon, Akhenaton, Aton, the Biblical exodus and the Plague of Egypt, Astrology, precession, Apis - Bull Worship, Aries the Ram, Pisces the Fish and much more. For part one of our two part subscriber interview with author, historian and researcher Ralph Ellis, we begin talking about King Solomon, Hiram Abiff and Tanis. Other Topics Discussed: Solomon as a pharaoh of Egypt, Biblical references, Hiram Abiff the masonic deity, similarities between Biblical kings and Pharaohs of Egypt, Zion, Sheba, Jerusalem, Temple mount, Tanis the ancient Egyptian city, The Valley of the Dead, and much more. For part two of our two part subscriber interview, author, historian and researcher Ralph Ellis, continues his train of thought from our April 8th show. He begins by talking about Jesus as the Great Grandson of Cleopatra. Topics Highlighted: The Stone of Destiny, Jeremiah, the connection between Ireland/Scotland/Egypt, Queen Scota the Egyptian Queen of the Scots, Royal exiles from Egypt, Josephus Flavious, St Paul, linage of Jesus, Cleopatra, The Magi and the Persian priesthood.


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