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Jake Kotze - The Philosophy of Synchromysticism & Symbolism
March 29, 2007
Jake Kotze from thebravenewworldorder.blogspot.com joins us for an excellent program about the philosophy of Synchromysticism. Highlighted Topics Discussed: Synchronicity, the holographic model, coincidence, the over mind, "The Game" & the higher self, interconnectedness of all things, oneness, artists as mediums, individuality, the second birth, initiation, free will, dimensions, reality tunnels, Wikipedia, YouTube, the future of the Internet, knowledge, the hive mind, fear, time, the future, the unveiling, the apocalypse, singularity, Terrence McKenna, time wave zero, 2012 and more. During hour two, we discuss topics such as: The Great Pyramid, octagon shapes, 3 dimensional & 2 dimensional geometry, Jacobs Ladder, The Three Pillars, the masonic tracing board & the connection to the World Trade Center, Manhattan as the primordial mound, The Ben Ben stone, the Kaaba at Mecca, 9/11 as a ritualistic sacrifice, stargate, G8, BBC's premature reporting on the destruction of WTC7 (Salomon Brothers building), The Freedom Tower, Manitoba's legislative building modeled after Solomon's Temple, freemasonry and secrecy, symbolic interpretation & rediscovering hidden symbolism.


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