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Philip Coppens - The Canopus Revelation & The Stargate Conundrum
March 22, 2007
Philip Coppens (RIP December 30, 2012). Investigative journalist, author and researcher Philip Coppens joins us for a very interesting program about his book "The Canopus Revelation". Highlighted Topics: Philips Background, Ancient Egypt, Sirius, Orion, Canopus, Isis, Horus, Osiris, The Grail legend, Alchemy, Duat, Nibiru Planet X, Zecharia Sitchin, The Great Pyramid, UFO's, Carl Jung, Teotihuacán, pyramid builders and Jeremy Nadler. For members, Philip Coppens continues discussing the interesting theme of his research into "The Stargate Conundrum" and "the nine". Topics discussed: The Stargate Conspiracy, Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince, Andrija Puharich, The Nine, Uri Geller, Ira Einhorn, "The Stargate Conundrum", US Military, LSD, MK-Ultra, The Ennead, John Alexander, Hall Puthoff, Arthur Young, The First Earth Battalion, The Conspiracy Times, Rennes le chateau, Société Perillos and much more.


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