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December 13, 2013 

 Red Ice Radio

John W. Whitehead - Hour 1 - A Government of Wolves & The Electronic Concentration Camp

Jeva Singh-Anand & Josef Wäges - Hour 1 - Translating the Rituals and Doctrines of the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati

Joseph P. Farrell & Scott D. de Hart - Hour 1 - Alchemical Transhumanism: Grimoire Technology & The New Man

Johan Oldenkamp - Hour 1 - Creation of Man & Understanding God’s Ten Commandments

Joseph P. Farrell & Scott D. de Hart - Hour 1 - Alchemical Transhumanism: Grimoire Technology & The New Man

Upcoming RIR Guests:
Randall Carlson, Anthony Peake, David Talbott.

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Friday the 13th

Moon Phase

88% Full-Taurus-Patient

 News Picks
Google foresees an opportunity to chip into your brain
Google is not content with producing computers that we wear like spectacles, such as Google Glass: it is now envisaging computers that we fit inside our heads as well. The tech giant’s engineering director, Scott Huffman, has said that he envisages a time in the not too-distant future where Google users can fit a microchip into their brain and collect ...
LISTEN: Creepy AI Telemarketer Sounds Human, Denies Being a Robot
It’s pretty shocking to hear just how far this technology has come. Most people would probably NOT realize they were talking to a machine that is gathering our verbal cues to use against us. These recordings are demonstrably creepy, and a good reminder that just because we experience something through our five senses, it doesn’t mean it’s ’real’. From ActivistPost on ...
(NOOOOOOOO!) JPMorgan files patent for Bitcoin-style payment system
These guys never stop. I respect that about JP (in the way that I respect the Empire in Star Wars) and there is something to be said for an idea so disruptive that it attracts the sharks at JP. But given this, if one doesn’t trust Bitcoin, don’t even consider trusting JPMorgan’s version of it. (From The FT) JPMorgan’s proposed system involves creating ...
Author, Researcher Lloyd Pye Dies
We’re grieved by the sad news that writer and researcher Lloyd Anthony Pye passed away yesterday, December 9, 2013, after a battle with cancer. He was best known for his work with The Starchild Project. Lloyd was a frequent welcome guest to Red Ice Radio, and we enjoyed the opportunity to speak with him about his work and his writing over ...
Nobel winner declares boycott of top science journals - Nature, Science
Nobel laureate and biologist Randy Schekman has taken a stand and declared that luxury scientific journals are not furthering proper scientific method and are instead catering to trendy science, corrupted by a "tyranny" of "impact factor". He’s calling for a boycott on ’peer-review’ science publications such as Nature, Cell, and Science which often obstruct true and valuable research in favour of ...
Geologists discover "super volcano" in Utah, possibly larger than Yellowstone
Geologists at Brigham Young University have discovered what may be the world’s largest "super" volcano that erupted in Utah’s own backyard. While there are a variety of volcanoes that blast away in different ways, super volcanic eruptions are the biggest that collapse into large calderas. Yellowstone Park is the remains of one of those calderas and it’s still very much alive ...
Rice grown near crippled Fukushima nuclear plant served to govt officials
Rice from fields in the Fukushima prefecture, evacuated after the worst nuclear disaster in Japan, will be served to government officials for 9 days in a bid to demonstrate the safety of the country’s most-beloved crop, a local broadcaster reported. The rice cultivated in several decontaminated fields in the Yamakiya District in Kawamata Town and Iitate Village, two areas designated as ...
Robots with machine guns: U.S. Army sees latest gear
Updates on the seemingly inevitable robot apocalypse... Autonomous Robots With Guns - What could possibly go wrong? "Commercial companies showed off their weaponized robots to U.S. Army officers at Fort Benning, Georgia, this week. Military leaders were looking to see what the technology is capable of and how it could be used on the battlefield."
Family, politicians battle over “Brand Mandela”
As long as you don’t dig too deeply into the dirt on Nelson Mandela’s past, then the iconic image of Mandela (or Mandiba, his clan name) has fantastic marketing power. The world governments and controlled media with their over-the-top reportage on Saint Mandela use this cult of personality for their own purposes. Never do they touch on the reality of ...
Strange Haunting Sounds Emitting from One World Trade Building
New York residents are concerned after they have been hearing strange sounds emitting from the newly built One World Trade building Strange and rather haunting sounds have been emitting from the newly constructed One World Trade building in New York City. The building which is the replacement for the original World Trade Center that was decimated during the attacks on Sept. 11, ...
Logo of New NRO Spy Satellite: An Octopus Engulfing the World with the Words “Nothing is Beyond Our Reach” Underneath
On December 5th, The National Reconnaissance Office launched a new spy satellite called NROL-39 from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Its logo features a giant octopus engulfing the world with the ominous words “Nothing is Beyond our Reach” underneath. Is there a better way to portray a nightmarish, big-brotherish totalitarian government? No. In fact, this exact imagery was used ...
Microsoft's Smart Bra Will Monitor Mood & Reduce Overeating
Microsoft is designing a “smart bra” that will monitor women’s health by tracking their heart rate, her emotional state, whether or not she is over-eating and more. Sensors in the bra detect when the wearer is bored, stressed or discouraged and send a warning signal to the woman’s smartphone that she should caution from making bad food choices. In a paper entitled, ...
Sweden's health system "worst in the Nordics"
Long queues to see a doctor and get treatment in Sweden have dragged the country far down a European ranking of healthcare providers, with Sweden now the worst among its Nordic neighbours despite efforts to cut waiting times. On Tuesday, a Brussels-based Swedish researcher revealed that Sweden had the worst health system of any of the five Nordic countries. Sweden slipped ...

Full Moon & Uranus Turns Direct

After the New Moon in Sagittarius on December 2nd, the Full Moon of December 17th (25 degrees Gemini) promises breakthroughs of all sorts. Combined with Uranus turning direct on the same day, the 17th will bring surprises to the forefront for a lot of us. The days just before and after the 17th seem to be the most packed energetically this month. Communication (Moon in Gemini and Sun in Sagittarius) is the keyword of the week. Talk, express, listen.

Amazing opportunities and changes can come your way where anything that has been stagnant will shake up. Get ready to end a situation, or to embrace a new beginning. Be prepared to uncover that which has been hidden from you. Because of the surprising/unexpected connotation of Uranus, draw not only plan b, but c as well. In general, get ready for surprises. Be bold and be the change you want in your life. Do not just let outside events take over. The energy can be tapped with your own free will. The message will be more than clear. If you tend to be ruled by the Moon a lot, make sure you keep a rational eye towards your emotions, as they are likely to explode during these days.

Movie Recommendation
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013)

The dwarves, along with Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf the Grey, continue their quest to reclaim Erebor, their homeland, from Smaug. Bilbo Baggins is in possession of a mysterious and magical ring.

This movie was just released in theaters today. We've been waiting all year for this one!

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