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Jesse Ventura - The Assassination of JFK & American Geopolitics

November 18, 2013

Richard C. Hoagland - Hour 1 - Comet ISON

November 15, 2013

Mike Mitcham - Hour 1 - Dangers of the Smart Grid & the Artificial Biosphere

November 13, 2013

Freeman - Hour 1 - Aliens From Hell, Rise of the Dark Hero & NWO Capitals

November 11, 2013

Brian Kannard - Hour 1 - Steinbeck: Citizen Spy

November 8, 2013

Mark Passio - Hour 1 - Holistic Brain & “New” Age Deception

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News Picks
Man-Made Typhoons & Yamashita’s Gold
2013 11 22
THERE IS MUCH speculation that the recent, unnaturally speedy typhoon in the Philippines was man-made. Shocked? You shouldn’t be. Weather-modification technology is by now well established, with many countries routinely employing it to bring rain, divert storms, and for other more nefarious purposes. You didn’t hear about the hurricane on 9/11? So, hypothetically, let’s imagine that Typhoon Haiyen was induced ...
The Fraudulent Marketplace Fairness Act
2013 11 21
The Internet is currently our best example of the free market at work. Since the government has not been able to capture the Internet under its thumb, the Net illustrates how well the market really functions when the government stays out of the way. But have no fear. Control freak politicians never rest, and a few of the more dedicated ones ...
JFK Assassination And Coverup: New Evidence and Testimony Emerges
2013 11 20
Mainstream Media Maintains The Lee Harvey Oswald Narrative Almost everything we know about the assassination of John F. Kennedy has been planted in our minds over years of mainstream media (MSM) programming. Virtually every theory advanced has been either conjured up or promoted by those who control the MSM. Therefore, just like all the false leads which were published during November ...
Forcible Vaccination Trials Through the Release of Aerosol GMO Vaccine
2013 11 20
The Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) is on its way to approving a licence application from PaxVax Australia (PaxVax) for the intentional release of a GMO vaccine consisting of live bacteria into the environment in Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria. According to the regulator, it qualifies as a limited and controlled release under section 50A of the ...
Conspiracy theories? No one does it better than West’s elite
2013 11 20
For a long time elite establishment gatekeepers in the West have scoffed at that those who claim Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat was poisoned. As to those who claimed he was poisoned by Israel - well-of course they’re crazy conspiracy theorists! Yet these same people who ridiculed the idea of Arafat’s poisoning are, by and large, the same people who assert, without ...
Mystery humans spiced up ancients’ rampant sex lives
2013 11 19
Genome analysis suggests interbreeding between modern humans, Neanderthals, Denisovans and a mysterious archaic population. New genome sequences from two extinct human relatives suggest that these ‘archaic’ groups bred with humans and with each other more extensively than was previously known. The ancient genomes, one from a Neanderthal and one from a different archaic human group, the Denisovans, were presented on 18 November ...
TSA rolls out ’detention pods’ that trap passengers inside
2013 11 19
You don’t have to be claustrophobic to find the new TSA security exit pods at airports scary. The new ’exit portal’ pods which enclose each traveler as they attempt to exit the airport are being touted as "saving the government money" by negating the need for armed guards or police at exits. Auto-Lock Reportedly, in the event of a ’security breach’, the ...
’Gate to Hell’ Guardians Recovered in Turkey
2013 11 19
Archaeologists digging in Turkey have found the guardians of the "Gate to Hell" -- two unique marble statues which once warned of a deadly cave in the ancient Phrygian city of Hierapolis, near Pamukkale. Known as Pluto’s Gate -- Ploutonion in Greek, Plutonium in Latin -- the cave was celebrated as the portal to the underworld in Greco-Roman mythology and tradition. ...
Cult Of The God-Men
2013 11 19
For 237 years, there has been a determined campaign to rein in the unruly experimental republic of the USA. The second term of President Obama is 100% about implementing an extraordinary new phase of this grand maneuver. [...] Over the last 13 years, the Empire has greatly enjoyed the compliant duplicity of both the Bush and Obama God-men administrations. From 2001-2009, Bush, ...
John Dewey and the Chaos of Contemporary Public Education
2013 11 19
The dismal and declining student performance at America’s public schools is no accident. Nor is the pervasive bullying by peers and repression by teachers that the brightest, best-mannered, and most accomplished students encounter in public schools today. Both are the direct results of the educational philosophy promulgated by John Dewey (1859-1952), the originator of “Progressive” education and a self-proclaimed advocate ...
Brittany Murphy Did NOT Die of Natural Causes, Lab Report Shows
2013 11 19
More news is coming out on the strange and alarming death of actress Brittany Murphy. New independent tests go against the official determination of death by ’natural causes’, and suggest the POISONING of both Brittany and her husband. Red Ice Radio spoke with national security whistleblower Julia Davis about the case, and Davis connects Murphy’s death with the Department of Homeland ...
Education in a Free Society
2013 11 18
Proposed solutions have included greater funding, a longer academic year, national standards, measures to reduce school violence, and educational vouchers. The only proper solution is to completely separate state and school thereby permitting education to be purchased and sold through the free market system. Consumer-financed education must replace tax-based funding of education. We need to dissolve public schools and replace ...
Zeitgeist Versus the Market - Peter Joseph Debates Stefan Molyneux
2013 11 15
Stefan Molyneux debates Peter Joseph of the Zeitgeist Movement on the nature and reality of the free market system. Full Transcript: Red Ice Radio has Stefan Molyneux on to discuss virtue, ethics and the burden of moral responsibility. Molyneux also speaks on the non-aggression principle and how it is violated in society and government: Red Ice Radio - Stefan Molyneux - ...


Thanksgiving, Hanukkah & Comet ISON

On November 28th (Thanksgiving in the US), there’s a trine between Mercury (communication) in Scorpio and Jupiter in Cancer. The background to the Venus/Jupiter opposition will consist of asking for more/thinking of more. Taking that core truth and expanding on it. What do you know? What’s the taboo, touchy, raw subject that you must speak about? Relationship boundaries? Articulating your worth? Venus in Capricorn places a specific value on things, and Jupiter will amplify that value so no one can ignore it.

This will be a good time to say it/write it, because a trine from Jupiter enables positive reception to your words. Venus in Capricorn will be supporting Mercury with a sextile as well, so you will know (Mercury) the real value of what’s at stake.

November 28th also has an opposition between Venus in practical Capricorn, and Jupiter retrograde in emotional Cancer (at 19 degrees). Limits (Capricorn) on love, money and values (Venus) will be challenged by hope for more (Jupiter). Any aspect from Jupiter amplifies the planet it’s touching, so this could be a chance to bust out of rigid habits/structures. Or, your ambition (Capricorn) to succeed in one of those Venus areas could exceed everyone’s expectations. It might be time to raise your price.

This year, Thanksgiving also coincides with the start of Hanukkah. It's been at least a century since the start of Hanukkah, which is determined by lunar calculations, coincided with Thanksgiving, always the fourth Thursday of November.

Additionally, Comet ISON will skim just 730,000 miles (1.2 million kilometers) above the solar surface on Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 28) before heading out into deep space once again. If ISON survives this perilous plunge, the icy wanderer could put on quite a show in the ensuing weeks, becoming visible to the naked eye throughout much of December, experts say.

Movie Recommendation
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012)

A younger and more reluctant Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, sets out on an "unexpected journey" to the Lonely Mountain with a spirited group of Dwarves to reclaim their stolen mountain home from a dragon named Smaug.

Note from Red Ice: This was a masterpiece! Don't miss the Three-disc Extended Edition which includes 13 minutes of revealing never-before-seen film footage and nearly 9 hours of fascinating in-depth looks at the production. For creative minds, it is highly inspiring.

More Info | Search Film Recommendations

Thanks for listening! Have a great weekend.
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