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September 6, 2012

Charles Upton - Hour 1 - Vectors of the Counter-Initiation

September 2, 2012

Randall Carlson - Hour 1 - Cycles of Catastrophe & Cosmic Patterns

August 30, 2012

Freeman & Jamie Hanshaw - Hour 1 & 2 - Hollywood Mind Control

August 26, 2012

Mark Grant - Hour 1 - Macronicity, Micronicity A Tale of Two Synchronicities

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Are Politicians Psychopaths?
2012 09 06
It’s no secret that politicians can be driven by outsized egos. I mean, who among us really thinks he or she deserves a seat in Congress -- or a desk in the Oval Office? But can egotism alone explain why so many elected officials seem to get caught telling lies, having affairs, committing financial improprieties or engaging in other scandalous behavior? ...
Soros Unloads All Investments in Major Financial Stocks; Invests Over $130 Democrats reinstate ‘God-given’ and Jerusalem as Israel’s capital to party platform
2012 09 06
Facing unhappy pro-Israel groups amid a Republican-led outcry, Democrats gathered Wednesday at their presidential nominating convention made 11th-hour changes to the party platform to reinstate a reference to God and a declaration that "undivided" Jerusalem is Israel’s capital. There was widespread booing on the floor of the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte as Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa led delegates ...
NASA twin satellites to probe mysteries of the Van Allen belts
2012 09 06
An Atlas 5 rocket boosted a pair of satellites into the maelstrom of the Van Allen radiation belts early today (Aug 30, 2012), kicking off a $686 million mission to probe the structure of the belts and how they’re buffeted by the sun and to improve forecasting to reduce the threat they pose to astronauts, power grids and increasingly critical ...
Hackers AntiSec claim FBI is collecting Apple IDs, Personal Information
2012 09 05
Does this sound familiar? Massive security breach, queue of people denying it’s important, nobody’s responsible and a bit of propaganda. As usual, a simple denial followed production of facts. Looks like nobody’s even pretending to cover up any more. The story is that AntiSec, a hacking group related to Anonymous, obtained 12 million records of Apple users, supposedly from the laptop ...
Iran LIE same as the Iraq LIE
2012 09 05
The ’Iranian nuclear threat’ claims as made by the military, government, and press are examined.
Kickstarter Project Makes Spectrometers Affordable for Citizen Scientists
2012 09 05
Citizen scientists can test local bodies of water, soil and household products for contaminants with a new breed of spectrometers. Spectrometers are widely used by astronomers and chemists to identify unknown materials. By making the tool more accessible, an open-research community called Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science (PLOTS) is hoping to build a “Wikipedia-style library” of environmental data. Public ...
Think hard to fly: Chinese scientists unveil mind-controlled drone
2012 09 05
Chinese researchers have unveiled a system that allows users to control drones with their thoughts. The technology was designed to help handicapped people, but could have ample applications in other fields as well. A video posted to YouTube by researchers at Zhejiang University shows how the system, called Flybuddy2, works. And it appears that you don’t have to be a nuclear ...
Newfound ’Tatooine’ Alien Planet Bodes Well for E.T. Search
2012 09 05
The discovery of the first alien planet with two suns — like the "Star Wars" world Tatooine — residing in its parent star’s habitable zone is good news for the search for life beyond Earth, scientists say. The planet, known as Kepler-47c, is a gas giant and therefore probably not suitable for life as we know it. But its existence ...
2012 London Paralympic Games - Of Gods and Man
2012 09 04
On 29 August the London 2012 Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony, themed ‘Enlightenment’, took the audience on a journey of discovery through the realm of ideas, science and creativity. Co-Artistic Directors Bradley Hemmings and Jenny Sealey put on a spectacular celebration of the inspirational spirit of the Paralympic Games to challenge perceptions of human possibility. It was narrated by Professor Stephen Hawking ...
Beverages of Mass Distraction: TSA liquid testing INSIDE the terminal
2012 09 04
This recent video taken by a passenger at Columbus Ohio Airport shows TSA agents swabbing passenger’s drinks. These drinks are purchased from the airport after going through security checkpoints. "While waiting in the Columbus OH airport for our flight to Oakland, I couldnt help but notice the two TSA women that were "testing" any and all liquids that people had in ...
"Organic food not any healthier" says Stanford
2012 09 04
Eating organic food will not make you healthier, according to researchers at Stanford University, although it could cut your exposure to pesticides. They looked at more than 200 studies of the content and associated health gains of organic and non-organic foods. Overall, there was no discernable difference between the nutritional content, although the organic food was 30% less likely to contain pesticides. Critics ...
"Sunshade" to fight climate change costed at $5 bln a year (Chemtrails?)
2012 09 04
Planes or airships could carry sun-dimming materials high into the atmosphere for an affordable price tag of below $5 billion a year as a way to slow climate change, a study indicated on Friday. Guns, rockets or a pipeline into the stratosphere would be more expensive but generally far cheaper than policies to cut world greenhouse gas emissions, estimated to cost ...
Cyborg tissue is half living cells, half electronics
2012 08 29
They beat like real heart cells, but the rat cardiomyocytes in a dish at Harvard University are different in one crucial way. Snaking through them are wires and transistors that spy on each cell’s electrical impulses. In future, the wires might control their behaviour too. Versions of this souped-up, "cyborg" tissue have been created for neurons, muscle and blood vessels. They ...
British Civil Aviation Authority Highly Interested In Pilots’ UFO Sightings
2012 08 29
Despite the fact the UK’s Ministry of Defense officially ended its UFO investigations in 2009, it appears that the British Civil Aviation Authority decided -- unbeknownst to the public -- to continue collecting reports that involved UFOs with possible flight safety issues. "They were only interested in sightings that definitely had a bearing on aircraft or flight safety, and were no ...
Meteor explodes over Great Britain with violent force
2012 08 29
Tourists and locals have spoken of how a meteor "lit up the sky" over Wales - and then exploded causing a sonic boom that shook windows and set off car alarms. The golf ball-sized meteor exploded over South Wales, waking children with its "bomb-like" bang. Police and coastguards had dozens of reports of a bright flash in the sky followed by a ...
Dozens of high-tech cameras programmed to watch for ’suspicious behavior’ during Republican National Convention
2012 08 28
The police department in Tampa, FL, is deploying behavioral recognition software from BRS Labs on dozens of the video cameras that will provide round-the-clock surveillance at many of the venues where the GOP national convention will take place August 27-30. The cameras will use AISight, release 3.0, which can look for abnormal activities, send real-time alerts to security personnel and take ...
Darpa Looks to Make Cyberwar Routine With Secret ‘Plan X’
2012 08 24
The Pentagon’s top research arm is unveiling a new, classified cyberwarfare project. But it’s not about building the next Stuxnet, Darpa swears. Instead, the just-introduced “Plan X” is designed to make online strikes a more routine part of U.S. military operations. That will make the son of Stuxnet easier to pull off — to, as Darpa puts it, “dominate the ...
Josh Reeves: The Lost Secrets of Ancient America
2012 08 24
"Have you ever wanted to be a part of something that would shake the foundations of both religion AND science? Here’s your chance." Josh Reeves: The Lost Secrets of Ancient America Also tune into Red Ice Radio: Josh Reeves - The Secret Right II, The Roots of the Conspiracy Culture Josh Reeves - The Secret Right, CNP, Alternative Media & The Elite Priest Class

Planetary Influence

New Moon & Uranus Square Pluto

The New Moon occurs the evening of September 15 in the industrious, trustworthy, natural, earthy and health oriented sign of Virgo. This will be a good time to discuss and plant seeds that are both practical and helpful to others. It will also be a favorable time to initiate more efficient and organized work methods. Another possibility would be making a new start in health matters.

Barbara Hand Clow has written an analysis on the Uranus/Pluto Square on September 19, 2012 called "Choosing Your Intentions: Second Uranus/Pluto Square." Read the analysis.

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Radio Archive Pick
Niki Raapana - Communitarianism & The Anti Communitarian League - October 26, 2008

Niki is the co-founder of the online research project known as the Anti-Communitarian League, author of 2020, designer/builder of GerTees, and the co-owner of a webwriter business in rural Alaska called Alaskan Webwriters. She was trained in traditional investigative journalism but realized how much of what she found was a lie. In 2002, Niki and her daughter wrote a tutorial for our “War on Words” game called, “What is the Hegelian Dialectic?” In 2003 she completed her original political thesis with “The Historical Evolution of Communitarian Thinking.” Niki joins us to talk about the communitarian philosophy and ideology, the Hegelian dialectic, globalism, individuality, liberty and the emerging global government. In our members section, we discuss communitarian ideology in depth. Also, we talk about land grabs; is there anywhere we can go if we don’t want to be part of the system?

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Movie Recommendation

Total Recall (1990)

When a man goes for virtual vacation memories of the planet Mars, an unexpected and harrowing series of events forces him to go to the planet for real, or does he?

The story is based on Philip K. Dick's short story "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale."

The 2012 remake of Total Recall is now playing in theatres.

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