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April 19, 2012

Mat Stein - Hour 1 - When Technology Fails

April 15, 2012

Christer Johansson - Hour 1 & 2 - Abduction of Domenic Johansson by Swedish Social Services

April 12, 2012

Sterling Allan - Hour 1 - Defeating Conspirators: Free Energy Technologies

April 8, 2012

Marty Leeds - Hour 1 - Pi & The Alchemical Marriage

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News picks
James Cameron, Google Founders, Billionaires, Fund Mysterious Space Venture Company
2012 04 19
April 24 a new space venture company will be announced at The Museum of Flight in Seattle. The company, sporting the kind of scary name an evil, faceless corporation in a sci-fi film would have, Planetary Resources, has some pretty famous backing. With the somewhat foreshadowing company name and the prestige of its backers, MIT speculates that the new company could very well be an asteroid mining company.
France: Where Freemasons Are Still Feared
2012 04 20
This is damage control and spin from Joshua Levine at businessweek who tries to downplay the importance of freemasonry. When the French keeps tabs on their "brethren" it’s downplayed as paranoid behavior. ALL countries should follow the example of the French in this case. When are people going to wake up and understand that Freemasonry is not harmless. Magazines and newspapers ...
France Will Soon Host Thermonuclear Star-Making Technology
2012 04 20
An artificially excavated limestone pit in the south of France will soon host star-making technology, New Scientist reports. “If all goes well,” the magazine explains, in a few year’s time the pit will “rage with humanity’s first self-sustaining fusion reaction, an artificial sun ten times hotter than the one that gives our planet life.” Reaching that point, however, requires an ...
Anger and resignation as Breivik spouts his views
2012 04 20
He gives a Nazi-style salute when he arrives in the courtroom each morning. He tells the court he rejects its authority because its mandate comes from political parties that support multiculturalism. And he admits that because he hates Muslims he killed 77 people and wishes it were more. But Anders Behring Breivik is treated with grave civility in Oslo’s District ...
Protect Yourself From Digital Utility Meters
2012 04 19
Do not sucker for costly "Opt-Out" programs. IT’S EXTORTION! Utility companies have blind-sided their customers with digital meters that are harmful, dangerous, invasive and unlawful. Here are some ways for utility customers to protect themselves. More solutions are available at freedomtaker.com From: youtube.com
Birgitta Jónsdóttir: Why I’m suing the US government to protect internet freedom
2012 04 19
"Governments of the industrial world, you weary giants of flesh and steel, I come from Cyberspace, the new home of mind. On behalf of the future, I ask you of the past to leave us alone. You are not welcome among us. You have no sovereignty where we gather."
Mysterious Particle Found After Decades of Searching
2012 04 19
An elusive particle that is its own antiparticle may have been found, and, if confirmed, would be the first time a phenomenon predicted decades ago has been seen in a real system. Some researchers suggest that in the future, this mysterious particle called a Majorana fermion could be useful in carrying bits of information in quantum computers.
New Brunswick town plagued for weeks by ‘earthquake swarm’ — and no one knows why
2012 04 19
People described hearing what sounded like an explosion. Pictures fell off walls. Window panes rattled. Floorboards creaked and groaned. Some houses even shook, while locals, initially, felt a surge of panic that eased, somewhat, by morning with the realization that a bomb had not gone off but a small earthquake had.
’ACTA a web police project’ - MEP who wants to kill bill
2012 04 19
"The controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, or ACTA, has been dealt a heavy blow. A vote on it is due this summer, but David Martin, the MEP responsible for monitoring its progress, has already said it should be rejected. Speaking to us earlier, he said while aiming high, its loose wording and shady signing process have outweighed any potential benefits." Video from: ...
The European Stabilization Mechanism, or How the Goldman Vampire Squid Just Captured Europe
2012 04 18
In September 2008, Henry Paulson, former CEO of Goldman Sachs, managed to extort a $700 billion bank bailout from Congress. But to pull it off, he had to fall on his knees and threaten the collapse of the entire global financial system and the imposition of martial law; and the bailout was a one-time affair. Paulson’s plea for a permanent ...
Did NASA find life on Mars in 1976, and then cook it?
2012 04 17
Life on Mars found... and we’ve, er, killed it BUNGLING Nasa chiefs are believed to have found tiny Martians — but KILLED them by boiling them alive. Two spacecraft that landed on the Red Planet in 1976 are now thought to have detected live microbes in Martian soil. Scientists at the time failed to spot the signs of life — and ...
Spectacular Solar Explosion, M1.7 - April 16, 2012
2012 04 17
Magnetic fields on the sun’s northeastern limb erupted around 17:45 UT on April 16th, producing one of the most visually-spectacular explosions in years. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) recorded the blast at extreme ultraviolet wavelengths. The explosion, which registered M1.7 on the Richter Scale of solar flares, was not Earth-directed, but it did hurl a CME into space. Analysts at the ...
Why They Sunk the Titanic
2012 04 16
One of the most coherent and interesting theories presented to date. This is the possible truth behind the sinking of the Titanic and the corruption surrounding its destruction. Evidence suggests the sunken vessel was in fact The Titanic’s sister ship the Olympic.
New underwater images show damage at Fukushima
2012 04 16
Tokyo Electric Power Co has released dramatic images taken by an underwater camera showing major damage at a spent fuel storage pool at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Photos show a 35-ton crane, set to straddle over the pool, which may have dropped due to a hydrogen explosion three days after the tsunami and earthquake on March 11 last year, TEPCO ...
Airlines cancel activists’ flights to Israel
2012 04 16
A Palestinian activist said Saturday that a number of international airlines canceled flights for at least 100 people scheduled to arrive in Israel’s main airport for a mass fly-in of pro-Palestinian activists, while Israel said those activists who manage to make it to the airport would be deported. Campaign organizer Amira Musallam said activists from around the world notified her by ...
Revealed – the corporate network that runs the world
2012 04 15
From October 24, 2011 The 1318 transnational corporations that form the core of the economy. Superconnected companies are red, very connected companies are yellow. The size of the dot represents revenue (Image: PLoS One) As protests against financial power sweep the world this week, science may have confirmed the protesters’ worst fears. An analysis (pdf) of the relationships between 43,000 transnational ...

Planetary Influence

Sun in Taurus - April 19, 2012 to May 20, 2012

The Sun moved into stubborn, steady, strong, security focused Taurus on Thursday April 19, 2012. However, since it is ruled by the lovely, romantic planet Venus, this sign has several other dimensions.

In Taurus, the Sun is methodical, sensual, and receptive. The Sun in Taurus is most active when it is defending or resisting things. As the Sun moves through Taurus when plants take root, our determination and security needs are strong. Taurus is loyal to all that is familiar, and values longevity. The shadow side of Taurus is possessiveness and bullheadedness.

For the next 4 weeks, we can tap into all that muscle and determination so that we solidify and complete the projects started during the high energy of the Aries Sun. Earthy Taurus may be practical and dependable, but it's also, sensual, a lover of beauty, good food and luxury. Loved ones are treated to poetry, music and gourmet restaurants, while getting a lecture on avoiding financial pot holes.

Under the influence of a Taurus Sun, watch out for a tendency to be overcautious – don’t miss out on opportunities due to fear. However, optimism should abound due to the transit of “Lucky” planet Jupiter in Taurus until June 12, 2012.

Radio Archive Pick
John Taylor Gatto - History of Education, Social Engineering & Indoctrination in the School System - May 19, 2011

...he climaxed his teaching career as New York State Teacher of the Year after being named New York City Teacher of the Year on three occasions. He quit teaching on the OP ED page of the Wall Street Journal in 1991 while still New York State Teacher of the Year, claiming that he was no longer willing to hurt children. Later that year he was the subject of a show at Carnegie Hall called "An Evening With John Taylor Gatto," which launched a career of public speaking in the area of school reform, which has taken Gatto over a million and a half miles in all fifty states and seven foreign countries. His books include: Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling (1992); The Exhausted School (1993); A Different Kind of Teacher (2000); The Underground History Of American Education (2001); and Weapons of Mass Instruction (2008). Gatto is currently at work on a documentary film about the nature of modern schooling entitled "The Fourth Purpose", with his friend and former student, Roland Legiardi-Laura. Gatto has been married for forty years to the same woman, and has two grown children and a cat. He hopes to build a rural retreat and library for the use of families pondering local and personal issues of school reform. Don't miss this excellent interview with John Taylor Gatto as he discusses the school system both past and present, social engineering, and the dumbing down of our children. Topics discussed: history of education, industrialized schooling, justification, religion, protestant reformation, John Calvin, Calvinism, Spinoza, Johann Fichte, coercion, Pavlov, brainwashing the masses, Charles Darwin, "The Descent of Man", conspiracy, third world countries, the school ranks, China, world wide monoculture, collage degree, Francis Collins, LSD, creativity, creative technology, continuous boredom and more.

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