July 23, 2011 

July 21, 2011

John Lash - Sophia's Correction, Earth Changes & Stellar Anomalies

July 17, 2011

Dolores Cannon - The Three Waves of Volunteers & The New Earth

July 14, 2011

Lindy Cowling - Heart Energy & Changes in Mass Consciousness

July 12, 2011

Josh Reeves - The Secret Right, Council for National Policy & Control of the Alternative Media

July 10, 2011

Israel Shamir - Zionism & Multiculturalism

July 9, 2011

Gilad Atzmon - Zionism & Multiculturalism

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Upcoming Guests Include: David H. Childress & Brien Foerster, Andy Lloyd, Richard Hoagland, Christopher Knight & Alan Butler, Wayne Herschel, Santos Bonacci, Jan Irvin, Nick Redfern, Robert Bauval, Penney Peirce, Hugh Newman & Colin Andrews.

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Norway Suffers Twin Attack - Seven Dead as Bomb Rocks Oslo & Several Shot at Youth Camp
2011 07 22
A massive explosion rocked a government district in Norway’s capital Friday, killing seven people and injuring many more, and a shooter at a political convention on an island north of Oslo appeared to have inflicted more casualties, in incidents police are treating as connected, a police spokesman said.
"Social Intelligence": Your Online History is Fair Game
2011 07 22
Companies have long used criminal background checks, credit reports and even searches on Google and LinkedIn to probe the previous lives of prospective employees. Now, some companies are requiring job candidates to also pass a social media background check. A year-old start-up, Social Intelligence, scrapes the Internet for everything prospective employees may have said or done online in the past seven ...
The NSA Is Building An Artificial Intelligence System That Can Read Minds
2011 07 21
The New Thought Police - The NSA Wants to Know How You Think - Maybe Even What You Think The National Security Agency (NSA) is developing a tool that George Orwell’s Thought Police might have found useful: an artificial intelligence system designed to gain insight into what people are thinking. With the entire Internet and thousands of databases for a brain, the ...
Genetic research confirms that non-Africans are part Neanderthal
2011 07 20
Neanderthals, whose ancestors left Africa about 400,000 to 800,000 years ago, evolved in what is now mainly France, Spain, Germany and Russia, and are thought to have lived until about 30,000 years ago. Meanwhile, early modern humans left Africa about 80,000 to 50,000 years ago. The question on everyone’s mind has always been whether the physically stronger Neanderthals, who possessed ...
Pluto has another moon!
2011 07 20
This is pretty nifty: astronomers have discovered a fourth moon orbiting Pluto! The tiny chunk of ice was found in Hubble images taken just a few weeks ago, and was clearly seen among the three previously known satellites: It doesn’t have a name yet — it’s designated S/2011 P1 (or just P4 informally) — and it’s only about 13 – 34 km ...
UN Considers "Green Helmet" Climate Army
2011 07 20
Special meeting to discuss ’green helmets’ force to intervene in conflicts caused by rising seas levels and shrinking resources A special meeting of the United Nations security council is due to consider whether to expand its mission to keep the peace in an era of climate change. Small island states, which could disappear beneath rising seas, are pushing the security council to ...
The First Americans
2011 07 20
Contrary to popular belief, the first Americans were not Indians who migrated to the Americas across a land bridge from Asia, the first Americans were the Solutrians, a European people who migrated to the Americas roughly 25,000 years ago. Source: youtube.com
Masonic Blackmail Behind Murdoch Scandal?
2011 07 20
Clearly there is a lot more to the Murdoch scandal than we have been shown. You don't shutter a 167-year-old newspaper, the largest English-language weekly in the world, just because some reporters were overzealous in their quest for news. If the newspaper had only hacked the phones of Milly Dowler and the 9-11 victims' families, I doubt we would be ...
Whistleblower’s Death: James Corbett on Murdoch scandal turning bloody (Video)
2011 07 19
"The whistleblower who exposed the News Of The World phone-hacking scandal, has been found dead. Sean Hoare was a journalist at the shamed newspaper and claimed Editors knew what was happening, and encouraged reporters to do it. He was found dead at his home near London. Police are treating it as unexplained, but not suspicious. Hoare directly named his former ...
Scientists Punch a Hole in the Fabric of Time with a "Time Cloak"
2011 07 18
Physicists have created a "hole in time" using the temporal equivalent of an invisibility cloak. Invisibility cloaks are the result of physicists' newfound ability to distort electromagnetic fields in extreme ways. The idea is steer light around a volume of space so that anything inside this region is essentially invisible. The effect has generated huge interest. The first invisibility cloaks worked only ...
Flying car cleared for road use (Video)
2011 07 16
"The world’s first flying car gets road approval from the NHTSA." Video from: YouTube.com
Earth & Space

Sun in Leo July 22 - August 23, 2011

The Sun represents all the changes we have not yet made and that part of us that we have not yet experienced but are headed toward. The Sun represents our identity, or self and relates to our will, consciousness, creativity, father and authority figures in general.

Leo the lion is the king of all animals. Leos have leadership ability, attraction, generosity, hospitality, warmth, authority, drive, open-ness, pride, drama, regalness, dignity and self-awareness. Just as the Sun is a life-giver to us, Leo can also inject life into any room or any conversation.

The Sun rules Leo, the “Sun King”, therefore we'll probably be feeling upbeat and magnanimous. While the Sun is in Leo, we are encouraged to bring out the lion within, speak our mind, do our will and be confident. Glow and be warm as the solar fire presence heats the talent, self confidence and love segments of life.

While the communication planet Mercury is in Leo, until July 28, self expression is clever and confident and more ego driven than usual. Therefore, share the conversation, let someone else get a word in. Your ego can gain in strength and confidence or it can embrace narcissism and alienate others as you obsess about your own narrative with no connection to the world around you or those in it.

Radio Archive Pick
James Gilliland - UFO & ET Contact at the ECETI Ranch - November 4, 2010

UFO researcher James Gilliland joins us from the ECETI ranch at Trout Lake, close to Mount Adams in Washington State. The ECETI ranch is a UFO hotspot that is regularly visited by UFO enthusiasts and investigators who are curious and interested in having a first hand experience with UFOs, orbs, light trails, spontanous healing and other phenomena. We discuss the ongoing contact experiences that James and many other visitors are having with UFOs, extraterrestrials and intraterrestrials. We also discuss the UFO community and how the establishment seems to be getting ready to use UFO and ET disclosure for their own purposes and agenda.

Listen Here | 2010 Archive

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