December 10, 2010 

December 7, 2010
M.G. Lord - The History of the Barbie Doll

December 5, 2010
Pierre Sabak - The Theban Priesthood, Adam & Eve's Bloodline

December 2, 2010
John Coleman - The Committee of 300 & The State of the States

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One Liners & Proverbs
A pessimist is someone who looks at the land of milk and honey and sees only calories and cholesterol.

A friend to all is a friend to none.

A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices. (William James)

A life with love will have some thorns, but a life without love will have no roses.

A politician will stand for what he thinks people will fall for.

Top News This Week
Lost Civilization May Have Existed Beneath the Persian Gulf
2010 12 10
Veiled beneath the Persian Gulf, a once-fertile landmass may have supported some of the earliest humans outside Africa some 75,000 to 100,000 years ago, a new review of research suggests.
Iceland Under Attack? HAARP Activity Corresponds to Iceland Earthquake Swarms
2010 12 0
Who’d benefit, and why Iceland? 1. Iceland didn’t take the bail out and hasn’t wanted to knuckle under to the EU. They still have a strong free market economy and are poised for recovery. That’s not falling in line with the program. 2. In addition, Iceland recently established themselves as a "free speech haven" to protect journalists and their sources, even offering ...
WikiLeaks 'struck a deal with Israel' over diplomatic cables leaks
2010 12 09
We should obviously all support WikiLeaks and its founder and spokesperson, Julian Assange, who has just been arrested in Britain, in this dirty war by states around the globe against transparency and openness. But in the world of politics, sadly, things are never as innocent as they appear. According to new revelations, Assange had allegedly struck a deal with Israel ...
Why Earth may be entering a new Ice Age
2010 12 07
All data points to the sun as the primary source of short-term and long term climate change on Earth. While volcanic eruptions such as the current one in Iceland can affect short-term weather conditions over a region, planetary climate is governed by solar activity-or lack of it. The first inkling that something had changed with the sun was the recognition of ...
Secretive X-37B Robot Space Plane Returns to Earth on Autopilot - What was the Mission?
2010 12 07
After seven months in space, the U.S. Air Force's secretive X-37B unmanned space plane returned to Earth today to wrap up a debut flight shrouded in secrecy. The robotic X-37B space plane landed at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California to end its maiden voyage. The space plane, also known as Orbital Test Vehicle 1, glided back to Earth over the ...
Are the 2012 Olympics part of a plot to take over the world?
2010 12 06
When Wenlock and Mandeville, the official mascots of the London Olympic Games, were unveiled to the world in May, the general reaction was one of bemusement. These stumpy, one-eyed, metallic-skinned creatures, the organisers explained, had formed out of stray drops of molten steel during the construction of the Olympic stadium, but most of the public and media simply interpreted them ...
Who got the Bailout Money? Trillions Down the Drain
2010 12 03
Source: Goldman Sachs took 24 billion dollars in bailouts and did nothing in return. The federal reserve only support the speculators and they let the real economy go to hell. Trillions In Secret Fed Bailouts For Global Corporations And Foreign Banks – Has The Fed Become Some Kind Of Financial God? From: Has the Federal Reserve ...
Earth & Space

Mercury Retrograde Dec. 10 - Dec. 30

Mercury represents the mind and intellect, and rules Gemini, (the sign of duality), and also Virgo. It has its exaltation in Aquarius. Mercury is an airy planet, associated with all forms of communication and the in-flow and out-flow of intelligence and communication.

Mercury retrograde, which occurs three times a year for about three weeks each time, is interpreted particularly strongly. Mental pursuits and connections break down. The Mercury retrograde period is best used as a time for inner reflection. It is not a good time for making new decisions or new business plans, but it is ideal for reflecting on your current situation. It is best to quietly observe your inner process during Mercury retrograde, and to carry forward with your preexisting plans. Ask yourself: Where am I heading in my life at this particular juncture? Then try to move forward with new directions only after Mercury has gone direct, and perhaps even a fortnight beyond, when Mercury has left its retrograde shadow.

Ya! Mercury goes retrograde just in time for Christmas shopping! If you're uncertain about your purchase, keep the receipt and get the skinny on the store's exchange policy.

If you feel the retrograde, work with it, don't fight it.

Our Radio Archive Pick of the Week
Nassim Haramein - The Resonance Project

Hassim Haramein was born in Geneva, Switzerland in 1962. Nassim has spent most of his life researching the fundamental geometry of hyperspace, studying a variety of fields from theoretical physics, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology and chemistry to anthropology and ancient civilizations. Combining this knowledge with a keen observation of the behavior of nature, he discovered a specific geometric array that he found to be fundamental to creation, and the foundation for his Unified Field Theory emerged. In the past 20 years, Mr. Haramein has directed research teams of physicists, electrical engineers, mathematicians and other scientists. He has founded a non-profit organization, the Resonance Project Foundation, where, as the Director of Research, he continues exploring unification principles and their implications in our world today.

For the first hour of this program, Nassim discusses his theory on the Holofractographic Universe and the Grand Unified Field Theory. This unification theory, known as the Haramein-Rauscher metric is a new solution to Einstein's Field Equations that incorporates torque and Coriolis effects. More Topics Discussed: The Resonance Project, Einstein's field equation, geometry, fractal systems, the structure of vacuum, cycle rate of the universe, quantum mechanics, entropy & centropy, free energy, The Holographic Universe, the role of consciousness, mankind as a result of the universe, the origin of spin and much more.

For our memerbs interview, Nassim talks about the Holofractal Theory. YOU are the center of the Universe. We discuss the expanding and contracting universe. What is Gravity? We also discuss particle physics, the work at CERN and infinity. We end by connecting his concepts with ancient texts and the Mayan Calendar. Topics Discussed: the role of consciousness in quantum theory, the center of the universe, the power and origin of spin, speed of light, strong force, The Holographic Universe, the Mayan Calendar, crop circles and 2012.

Listen here | More in the 2008 Archives

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