November 5, 2010 

November 4, 2010
James Gilliland - UFO & ET Contact at the ECETI Ranch

November 2, 2010
Richard Sauder - Underground Bases and Tunnels
One Liners

OK, so what's the speed of dark?

Quantum Mechanics: The dreams stuff is made of.

Televangelists: The Pro Wrestlers of religion.

I really think the Mars Rover is scouting for the next Wal-Mart Superstore site.

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Upcoming Guests Include: Anthony Peake, Thomas Brophy, Edmund Marriage, Alex Putney, Barbara Hand Clow, Neil Hague, Hillary Raimo, Erling Strand, Clas Svahn, Joseph Farrell, John Coleman & Jim Marrs.

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Top News This Week
Dream Recording Device Possible Researcher Claims
2010 11 05
A US researcher has said he plans to electronically record and interpret dreams. Writing in the journal Nature, researchers said they have developed a system capable of recording higher-level brain activity.
Another Sinkhole Swallows Amazonian Port
2010 11 05
Dramatic video footage has emerged showing the moment a sinkhole / landslide ripped through the Amazonian port of Chibatão, Manaus, Brazil. The security camera footage shows the torrential flows of mud that swept through the riverside container terminal in the late morning of Sunday 17 October as maintenance work was being carried out. Two port workers – ...
US Secret Spies and CIA Remote Viewing
2010 11 05
Remote viewing (RV) is the ability to gather information about a distant or unseen target using paranormal means, in particular, extra-sensory perception (ESP) or sensing with mind. The term was introduced by parapsychologists Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff in 1974. The Stargate Project was the umbrella code name of one of several sub-projects established by the U.S. Federal Government to investigate ...
The Gore Report - Life on Mars Discussed by Rush Limbaugh in 2004 - The Mars Bloodline
2010 11 05
Every now and then there is a "glitch in the Matrix" - and someone in a position of influence lets the curtain drop, and reveals insider secrets. Read the world-exclusive premiere of one of the more amazing examples of this, three years after it first happened... suggesting that the Powers That Be not only believe Mars ...
New Book About Swedish King Details Love Affairs, Wild Parties and Connections to the Underworld
2010 11 04
Sweden is bracing for the release of a controversial book detailing the private life of King Carl XVI Gustaf, who has announced he will comment on the book during a Thursday press conference. (Ed Comment: He did NOT comment on the book.) While the King usually holds a press conference at the conclusion of his annual elk hunt, which ends on ...
Watch Out: The World Bank Is Quietly Funding a Massive Corporate Water Grab
2010 11 04
Even though water privatization has been a massive failure around the world, the World Bank just quietly gave $139 million to its latest corporate buddy. Billions have been spent allowing corporations to profit from public water sources even though water privatization has been an epic failure in Latin America, Southeast Asia, North America, Africa and everywhere else it's been tried. But ...
Thorium Revolt: Mineral to replace uranium as nuclear power source?
2010 11 02
An obscure metal that could energise our world... It's called thorium, it's eco-friendly, and there's lots of it. Many scientists say it could even replace uranium as a nuclear power source. But despite its potential, the metal is yet to gain a foothold in the market. RT's Laura Emmett explains why...
Earth & Space

Chiron Direct - November 5 & Neptune Direct - November 6/7

In Myth, Chiron is most famously known as the "wounded healer." Being immortal, yet receiving a wound that would have killed a mortal being, Chiron turned his pain into a way of serving others. A very intelligent being, and master in many fields, including herbalism and music, Chiron was trained in many areas of expertise, including other physical, cultural, and metaphysical arts. He took on a smaller, humbler role, and chose to spend his life with human beings by mentoring and training many of the most famous Greek heroes from his famous cave. As such, Chiron is like a personal spiritual trainer or coach. He cares about people, and he relates to individuals individually, giving them whatever guidance, gifts, or training they need to go forward in their life's journey. Chiron also stood in contrast to the patriarchal Olympian status quo. Chiron was basically rejected by his half-brothers, like Zeus, on Olympus, and instead lived by himself and 'ate the scraps.' Chiron can often be characterized as an 'underdog.' Chiron also represents 'alternative' and 'maverick' qualities. Rather than abusing his power with self-indulgence, Chiron lived quietly and assisted many people, acting as the key ingredient on many heroes's paths.

When Chiron transits, you will become more aware of the deep soul pain your carry. Find the source, for it is a clue to your story. Chiron direct helps us feel more intensely so we can find and heal our wounds. The wounding must be understood as the message of a benevolent personal guide to change direction in some way to keep moving in the best direction for one's life path. It's not easy, but it must be done if you want to be free.

The transitting Neptune causes sensitivity and receptivity to be much more acute. Due to this heightened receptivity, we are allowed to see far more than is possible when Neptune is direct. This is possibly a result of augmented intuitive or inner vision that bestows a different and more insightful perspective on matters. Neptune rules denial! When Neptune is direct, our feelings are more astute at picking up and perceiving the illusive. It is easier to ascertain information about issues that have eluded us. It is essential that you talk about what you are feeling, sensing or absorbing because Neptune direct can produce a type of psychic overload for very sensitive people. Heightened sensitivity can be both an asset and a liability. If you feel a little paranoid during this period, it may be that you are picking up too much from your external environment. As an asset, this period is excellent for using and cultivating your psychic perceptions.

The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World by Lynne McTaggart

Listen to our interview with Lynne McTaggart

Using cutting-edge research conducted at Princeton,MIT, Stanford, and many other prestigious universities and laboratories, The Intention Experiment reveals that the universe is connected by a vast quantum energy field.Thought generates its own palpable energy, which you can use to improve your life and, when harnessed together with an interconnected group, to change the world.

In The Intention Experiment, author Lynne McTaggart takes you on a gripping, mind-blowing journey to the furthest reaches of consciousness.As she narrates the exciting developments in the science of intention, she also profiles the colorful scientists and renowned pioneers who study the effects of focused group intention on scientifically quantifiable targets -- animal, plant, and human.

The Intention Experiment forces you to rethink what it is to be human. It proves that we're connected to everyone and everything -- and that discovery demands that we pay better attention to our thoughts, intentions, and actions. Here's how you can.

Buy here | More Book Recommendations

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