June 5, 2010 

June 3, 2010
Leo Rutherford - Religion, The Greatest Fraud Ever Sold

May 30, 2010
Richard C. Hoagland - Phobos an Ancient Alien Spaceship, Mars, NASA & Disclosure
June 2010
The latest Crop Circle in Italy reported on June 3. Click on image to read more.
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May, 2010

NOW EDITING: Red Ice TV - Episode 4 - Occult Symbols in Logos

This episode was filmed in Bath and Bristol UK, featuring special guests such as Michael Tsarion, Neil Hague, Ralph Ellis, Leo Rutherford, Neil Kramer, Dan Tatman, Peter Taylor and of course the random street and establishment interviews!

Top News This Week
Cerberus: Guarding the Gates of Hell - Dynecorp, Pegasus, BP, Goldman Sachs - Gulf Oil Disaster Planned?
2010 06 04
“Reynolds Airpark” is a private Airport and “manufacturing facility”. These white vans belong to Pegasus International and Cerberus/DynCorp. “Reynolds Airpark” is listed in the Clay County Fla. plat/tax rolls as being wholly owned by a company named Pegasus International. Ok, I thought, what exactly is “Pegasus International” and what exactly do they do?? Well – among other things, they just happen to be involved in the OIL DRILLING BUSINESS – with ties to Halliburton and BRITISH PETROLEUM!!! What the hell???
"Norway Spiral" spotted in Queensland, Australia
2010 06 05
A mysterious ball of light seen across eastern Australia early yesterday may be linked to the launch of a private spacecraft in the US, experts say. The Falcon 9 rocket was successfully launched from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida soon before people in Queensland, New South Wales, the ACT and Victoria started reporting a UFO. The UFO's speed, estimated at 20,000km/h, ...
Mount Nemrud - The Throne of the Gods
2010 06 05
Located in Eastern Turkey and considered as the eighth wonder of the ancient world, Mount Nemrud has been a source of mystery and debate for more than 2000 years; ever since Antiochos of Kommagene chose it as his burial sanctuary. With the use of never-before seen archival footage of excavations, on-site interviews with scholars, 3-D computer animations, and superb battle ...
A 26-foot-tall Anubis Statue Installed at Denver International Airport
2010 06 03
Ever since it was first installed at Denver International Airport, the 32-foot-tall blue "Mustang" has been the talk of the town, but a new addition is sure to get plenty of attention. A crew is installing a seven-ton, 26-foot-tall concrete sculpture of an Egyptian god at the airport. Anubis, a statue with a jackal-head, will be built south of the Jeppesen Terminal. Although ...
The Mystery of Malta's Long-Headed Skulls
2010 06 03
In the megalithic temple of Hal Saflienti, in Malta, men with extraordinary cranial volume were buried. These skulls seem to belong to a strange human stock and if properly analyzed, could create an ideal link between the ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian cultures and a race of sacerdotal men identified with the snake. We are back from a visit in Malta among ...
How to See Quantum Entanglement
2010 06 03Human eyes can detect the spooky phenomenon of quantum entanglement — but only sometimes, a new study on the physics preprint website arXiv.org claims. While eyes can help determine if two individual photons were recently entangled, they can’t tell if the brighter bunch of photons that actually hit the retina are in this bizarre quantum state. “In general you think these ...
Did Ancient Egyptians Inhabit the Grand Canyon?
2010 06 03
Remember how disgusted you felt when, in the closing scene of the film, Raiders of The Lost Ark, the Ark of the Covenant – hidden in an anonymous wooden crate – was consigned to a giant warehouse full of similar looking crates? Your reaction was ‘Cover up by the government!’ – no doubt. This was fiction, but do such cover-ups ...
Earth & Space

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus at Aries Point - Tuesday June 8th

Jupiter and Uranus are aligned every 14 years but only every 42 years does this alignment occur in Aries or Libra. Jupiter and Uranus are two of the largest outer planets, so this conjunction will be easily visible from Earth. The 08 June 2010 conjunction at 0 degrees Aries is the first of three in this series. The other two are on 19 September 2010 at 29 Pisces, and 04 January 2011 at 27 Pisces.

Many believe that a triple conjunction between two large planets signifies drastic global change in science, discovery, and revolution. For example, when Jupiter and Uranus conjoined, the first man landed on the moon, the civil rights movement began in the United States, the Internet was launched, Charles Lindbergh successfully flew non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean, the first TV image was transmitted, color TV was first demonstrated, Vietnam war protests, Woodstock, the French Revolution, the Stonewall Riots, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the first commercial oil reserve in an Arab nation (Iraq) was discovered, Clarence Birdseye patented a method of quickly freezing fish, meat and vegetables, General Motors launched the first electric car, Galileo publicly supported the view, which placed the Sun at the centre of the universe, A Jupiter-Uranus conjunction also saw the birth of quantum physics (attributed to Planck). The Jupiter-Uranus cycle is also associated with Darwin's theory of evolution and with developments in cloning and genetics. It was in ’97 that a team of scientists in London reported their DNA analysis findings from a Neanderthal skeleton, which supported the out of Africa theory of human evolution, placing an “African Eve.” Convinced or curious about this conjunction yet?

The themes of freedom and independence are especially prominent during Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions. These conjunctions portend discovery, invention, and innovation (Uranus) combined with expansion, experimentation, and exploration (Jupiter). The force of change (Uranus) is very strong (Jupiter) when these planets congress, which can lead to protests and political change.

Already this year, we have seen devastating earthquakes in Haiti, Chili, and China; flooding in Tennessee; tornado outbreaks in the U.S.; the eruption of a volcano in Iceland (if weather is a reflection of our collective consciousness, look out!); the growing, catastrophic oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico; a skyrocketing increase in homeowner and commercial defaults; people walking away from their homes which they cannot afford to make payments on; mortgages that are much larger than the current value of the property; violent protests in Greece and Thailand; and the beginning of another stock market collapse.

What is all this building up to? Well, the AP (Aries Point) represents a movement (cardinal) from an inner quality to an outer manifestation. It represents a spectacular out rush of energies and involvement with the world at large. Aries is burning with an eagerness. If we look at at our current planet, we can all agree there's huge potential for an urge to express collectively! For the people reading this newsletter (especially the cardinal signs), who zoom out and connect the spookier dots, it's a challenge to focus on the long-term.

With so many variables, what is going to uncork next?


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All the aliens and wonder you want to see are right here on planet Earth! Take a break from the usual human drama in TV/movies and be awed by animal nature in the crevices of our planet. We at Red Ice love it and recommend it!

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Thanks for your support and spreading the word!
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On September 19th, 1783 Pilatre De Rozier, a scientist, launched the first hot air balloon called 'Aerostat Reveillon'. The passengers were a sheep, a duck and a rooster and the balloon stayed in the air for a grand total of 15 minutes before crashing back to the ground.

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