May 28, 2010 

May 27, 2010
Jim Gardner - The Intelligent Universe, Bio-Cosm, ET, AI and Evolution

May 23, 2010
Lucy Wyatt - Approaching Chaos & Saving Civilization
May 2010
Crop Circle reported on May 22nd. Click on image to read more.
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May, 2010

NOW EDITING: Red Ice TV - Episode 4 - Occult Symbols in Logos

This episode was filmed in Bath and Bristol UK, featuring special guests such as Michael Tsarion, Neil Hague, Ralph Ellis, Leo Rutherford, Neil Kramer, Dan Tatman, Peter Taylor and of course the random street and establishment interviews!

Top News This Week
Petition to Stop GM crop development in Europe
2010 05 28
The European Commission has just approved growing genetically modified crops for the first time in 12 years, putting the GM lobby's profits over public concerns -- 60% of Europeans feel we need more information before growing foods that could threaten our health and environment. A new initiative allows 1 million EU citizens a unique chance to make official requests of ...
The (Naked) Nobel Brotherhood and Vigeland's Strange Art in Oslo
2010 05 28
What do the Nobel Peace Prize Medal and the Vigeland Sculpture Garden have in common? Nudity (and the same artist)! Have you ever noticed the artwork on The Nobel Peace Prize Medal? Yes, it really does depict three naked men with their hands on each other’s shoulders. The inscription reads: Pro pace et fraternitate gentium - translated "For the peace and brotherhood of men". The Nobel Peace Prize Medal was designed by Gustav Vigeland, a Norwegian sculptor.
Foxconn Suicides Mount: iPhone and iPad Factory Under Scrutiny
2010 05 28
The massive Foxconn factory in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen is known for assembling famous electronic goods like Apple’s iPhone and iPad. But in recent months it has gained a darker image, as a place where distraught workers regularly throw themselves to their deaths.
Iceland Volcano Ash Plume Electrified
2010 05 28
The billowing plume of ash that spewed from Iceland’s Eyjafjallajakull volcano and spread across Europe in April carried with it a significant electric charge, new research reveals. Eyjafjallajakull first began pumping volcanic ash into the atmosphere on March 20. The spread of the plume across Europe hampered air travel for days and created fiery red sunsets. Shortly after the volcano’s ...
Divers Explore Sunken Ruins Of Cleopatra’s Palace
2010 05 26
French underwater archaeologist Franck Goddio is using advanced technology to explore the submerged ruins of a palace and temple complex from where Queen Cleopatra ruled, painstakingly excavating one of the richest underwater archaeological sites in the world and retrieving stunning artifacts from the last dynasty to rule over ancient Egypt before the Roman Empire annexed it in 30 B.C.
Researchers Achieve Quantum Teleportation Over 10 Miles of Empty Space
2010 05 25
Teleportation doesn’t work for humans — yet — but it works over long distances, a new study reports. Time Magazine Scientists in China have broken the record for quantum teleportation, achieving a distance of about 10 miles, according to a new study in Nature Photonics. That’s a giant leap from previous achievements.
Author Daniel Estulin to Shed Light on Bilderbergs with Historic Presentation at European Parliament
2010 05 22
International best-selling author Daniel Estulin will make an unprecedented speech before the European Parliament on June 1st, 2010 at its headquarters in Brussels. Daniel Estulin, author of "The True Story of the Bilderberg Group" and "Shadow Masters", has been invited to speak at the European Parliament by Mario Borghezio, the most senior Member of European Parliament from Italy. The European Parliament ...
Earth & Space

Uranus in Aries May 27

Uranus is currently in Pisces and changes signs every 7 years. It therefore does a full rotation of the zodiac every 84 years and its arrival in Aries is the beginning of a new cycle. This is therefore a hugely significant event. Transits of Uranus are quite often difficult to convey - the nature is unpredictable. Therefore, forecasting what will happen is nigh on impossible but understanding how it might work isn't. So, how might this transit affect us? Well, any shift from Pisces into Aries is a dramatic one - it is a rebirth and sudden change - this could be pleasant or unpleasant. We can therefore expect that in some area of our lives there will be a significant alteration and learning how to handle these new energies will be crucial to navigating the period and making the most from it. Transiting Uranus will travel through Aries for the next seven years. It will make major contacts to transiting Jupiter (expansion and growth), Pluto (destruction and creation), and Saturn (structure and meaning, limitation and restriction). Uranus will only get a sampling of Arien energy this year. He retrogrades in a few months on July 5 and briefly returns to Pisces from August 13, 2010 until January 23, 2011. Upon re-entering Aries next year, Uranus will remain in Aries until 2018.

Uranus signifies the urge to stand apart from the collective and offers independence through invention, and individualism through the capacity to deviate from the expected. Its energy is lively, startling and dramatic - often associated with breaking down or breaking out. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, ruled by Mars. Aries energy is bold, individualistic, independent, enterprising and can be impulsive, pushy, abrasive, and bossy. It's an impatient energy that needs to constantly be in a dynamic state -- gotta be moving, gotta be doing, gotta be making things happen. Aries represents the self, the ego, our volition, our potential.

Uranus in Aries has qualities which are both stress relieving and potentially stress inducing. The shift from Pisces could bring situations out of the doldrums - to shake them up, release them and shine light where there once was darkness and ambiguity. If we've been stuck with something for a long time then this could change - gaining effective tools to manage change then will be crucial - think of the rabbit story - he maybe has to walk into that copse he's never been before to escape the glare. Anything we can develop now that is new and innovative (even attitudes) would serve us well as we then take ownership; some measure of control. This lessens the shock of being put, against our will, into sudden unfamiliar territory.

Uranus in Aries will move with full speed ahead sometimes shocking, ruffling up, shattering, inventing and even liberating us. The next few months can be the beginning of something exciting and challenging, resulting in radical changes that you've longed for, whether consciously or subconsciously. But it is important that one be ready for it.

The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power By Jeff Sharlet

They insist they are just a group of friends, yet they funnel millions of dollars through tax-free corporations. They claim to disdain politics, but congressmen of both parties describe them as the most influential religious organization in Washington. They say they are not Christians, but simply believers.

Behind the scenes at every National Prayer Breakfast since 1953 has been the Family, an elite network dedicated to a religion of power for the powerful. Their goal is "Jesus plus nothing." Their method is backroom diplomacy. The Family is the startling story of how their faith—part free-market fundamentalism, part imperial ambition—has come to be interwoven with the affairs of nations around the world.

Don't miss our upcoming interview with the author of this book, Jeff Sharlet, in June.

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The Nobel Peace Prize medal depicts three naked men with their hands on each other's shoulders!

The inscription reads: Pro pace et fraternitate gentium - translated "For the peace and brotherhood of men".

What do The Nobel Peace Prize Medal and the Vigeland Sculpture Garden have in common? Nudity (and the same artist)! Read article.

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