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April 22, 2010
Sonia Barrett - Hacking the Mind & Breaking Reality Codes

April 25, 2010
Walter Cruttenden - Lost Star of Myth and Time, Rise and Fall of Civilization and Consciousness

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April 20, 2010

NOW SHOWING: Red Ice TV - Episode 3 - Illuminati Symbolism in Hollywood Movies

The pyramid and the all-seeing eye. An ancient occult symbol that shows up in religion, churches, Egypt, alchemy, on money, artwork, logos, crop circles, business models, architecture, food, pharma, government and fraternal organizations. Why? This symbol has been a great catalyst for philosophical, religious and political debate. Watch as we trace the pyramid and eye throughout history from Ancient Egypt and Sumer, leading up to the Masons and pop-culture of today. Then, we ask movie goers at the 33rd Gothenburg International Film Festival why this symbol is showing up in Hollywood movies again and again. With all the big film budgets and creative teams available, why the constant use of the pyramid and eye? Let's explore the origins, possible meaning and purpose behind the pyramid and the eye symbolism, for some of us, a symbol we see everyday.

NOW EDITING: Episode 4 - Occult Symbols in Logos.

Top News This Week
Japan sees Moonwalking Humanoids by 2015
2010 04 30
The Space Oriented Higashiosaka Leading Association (SOHLA), a satellite-manufacturing consortium in the Osaka area, has vowed to put bipedal humanoid bots on the moon in the next five years, according to a Jiji Press report. SOHLA is now developing a prototype astro-bot called "Maido-kun" that it hopes will follow in the steps ...
Thermoluminescent Artifacts found at La Maná - Resonance Mandalas
2010 04 30
In 1984 a large cache of over 300 artifacts was discovered by a small group of gold prospectors led by engineer Dr. Elias Sotomayor in a tunnel 300’ below ground in the jungle-covered mountains of La Maná, Ecuador. Accurate dating of the artifacts is as yet impossible by the latest methods, as the thermoluminescence technique would be unreliable due to ...
North Pole rainfall ’bizarre’: climatologist
2010 04 30
Spring showers are next to non-existent in the High Arctic, so Environment Canada’s senior climatologist says he’s baffled to hear that it rained near the North Pole this week. A group of British scientists working off Ellef Ringnes Island, near the North Pole, reported being hit with a three-minute rain shower over the weekend. The group reported the rain on Tuesday. Rain ...
James Cameron convinces NASA to shoot footage for him
2010 04 30
After immersing movie-goers in the dazzling imaginary world of Pandora, "Avatar" director James Cameron is training his 3-D camera on a planet closer to home: Mars. The Pasadena Star News reported Thursday that the Oscar-winning filmmaker has persuaded NASA to install a high-resolution 3-D camera on the next generation Mars rover, Curiosity, due to launch in 2011. Cameron had lobbied NASA administrator ...
Vatican tied Mount Graham Observatory launches LUCIFER Telescope
2010 04 28
The Vatican Observatory Research Group (VORG) operates the 1.8m Alice P. Lennon Telescope with its Thomas J. Bannan Astrophysics Facility, known together as the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope (VATT), at the Mount Graham International Observatory (MGIO) in southeastern Arizona where sky conditions are among the best in the world and certainly the Continental United States. The new instrument on the Large ...
The Man Who Lived Through Doomsday
2010 04 27
The story of Ludger Sylbaris is one that is so outlandish, so astonishing that it is difficult to believe that it is true. So amazing is his story that Barnum & Bailey hired him to travel with the circus, not because he had an act, but because he was a sort of relic. The ’only’ remaining survivor of a volcano ...
Air Force’s X-37 space plane: Precursor to war in orbit?
2010 04 24
Clear, sunny skies are forecast for Cape Canaveral Wednesday, perfect weather for the launch of a new unmanned spacecraft and the dawn of an era. Just don’t expect the Air Force to tell you what that new era is. For the first time, the service will launch the X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle, a brand new, unmanned spacecraft to demonstrate the military’s ...
Earth & Space

Sun in Taurus until May 20th - Venus sextile Mars May 6-8

In Taurus, the Sun is methodical, sensual, and receptive. The Sun in Taurus is most active when it is defending or resisting things. As the Sun moves through Taurus our determination and security needs are strong. Taurus is loyal to all that is familiar, and values longevity. The shadow side of Taurus is possessiveness and bullheadedness.

Venus sextile Mars implies ease between the feminine and masculine (or passive and active) sides of oneself. Romantic activity, sexual attraction, creative action and self-expression in business and the arts, active participation in social functions, and creative initiative are favored under this influence.

Tuning the Diamonds By Susan Joy Rennison

Humanity is facing the next rung of the Evolutionary ladder. Evolutionary change is energy driven and New Energy is coming from deep space. As a consequence, the Sun has become increasingly erratic and the Earth is being bombarded by solar, cosmic and galactic energy. The Earth is experiencing "Space Weather" on an "unprecedented" scale, a cause of concern to government agencies, satellite communication companies and the power supply industry.

This book explains what is happening and why our energy fields are changing in response to changes in our electromagnetic environment. This book acts as a study guide and provides new insights, including why being aware of sacred geometry and octahedron (diamond) energy fields promotes the evolutionary process. This book is sensational in the evidence it uncovers and it is supported with over 500 references.

Buy it here | More Book Recommendations

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