April 23, 2010 

April 18, 2010
Stephen Bassett - Official UFO/ET Disclosure

April 11, 2010
Graham Hancock - Entangled, Supernatural, Shamanism & The Origins of Consciousness

April 21, 2010
EXTRA RADIO SHOW: Lucus - The Destroyer Star & The Future of Mankind

Upcoming Red Ice Radio guests include Walter Cruttenden, Klaus Schmidt, Hugh Newman, Peter Smith, Barbara Hand Clow, Leo Rutherford, Andy Thomas, William Glyn-Jones, Michael Hoffman, Jordan Maxwell, Richard C. Hoagland, and Rupert Sheldrake ...
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April 20, 2010

NOW SHOWING: Red Ice TV - Episode 3 - Illuminati Symbolism in Hollywood Movies

The pyramid and the all-seeing eye. An ancient occult symbol that shows up in religion, churches, Egypt, alchemy, on money, artwork, logos, crop circles, business models, architecture, food, pharma, government and fraternal organizations. Why? This symbol has been a great catalyst for philosophical, religious and political debate. Watch as we trace the pyramid and eye throughout history from Ancient Egypt and Sumer, leading up to the Masons and pop-culture of today. Then, we ask movie goers at the 33rd Gothenburg International Film Festival why this symbol is showing up in Hollywood movies again and again. With all the big film budgets and creative teams available, why the constant use of the pyramid and eye? Let's explore the origins, possible meaning and purpose behind the pyramid and the eye symbolism, for some of us, a symbol we see everyday.

Top News This Week
Not buying Earth Day
2010 04 22
Remember the joke that “Army Intelligence” is an oxymoron like “jumbo shrimp” How about the oxymoron that is “environmentally friendly attack aircraft”? That’s what the Navy is planning for this Earth Day when it will test-fly its main attack aircraft, the F/A-18 Super Hornet, on a biofuel blend this Earth Day, part of an ambitious push by the Pentagon to ...
Why is FEMA trying to cover up NLE 10?
2010 04 17
Public Intelligence has received a request from FEMA to remove a “For Official Use Only” document regarding the National Level Exercise 2010 (NLE 10), which was scheduled for this coming May. The exercise was to be based on National Planning Scenario 1 which simulates a nuclear detonation in a U.S. city. However, recent political pressure has led to ...
Source of Bible Covenant with God discovered?
2010 04 14
Tablet from 670 BC, found in Turkey, was Assyrian king´s agreement with states Canadian archeologists in Turkey have unearthed an ancient treaty that could have served as a model for the biblical description of God´s covenant with the Israelites. The tablet, dating to about 670 BC, is a treaty between the powerful Assyrian king and his weaker vassal states, written in a ...
US Tax Dollars at War: More Than 53% of US Tax Payment Goes to the Military
2010 04 14
If you’re like me, now that we’re in the week that federal income taxes are due, you are finally starting to collect your records and prepare for the ordeal. Either way, whether you are a procrastinator like me, or have already finished and know how much you have paid to the government, it is a good time to stop and ...
Dutch prisons use psychics to help prisoners contact the dead
2010 04 13
Dutch prisons are using psychics to give jailed criminals guidance by putting them in touch with their dead relatives. Paul van Bree, a self-styled "paragnost" or clairvoyant, has been hired by the Dutch prison service to teach prisoners how to "love themselves". "I tell them that dead relatives are doing well and that they love them. That brings them peace. Big strong ...
The Devil In The Vatican
2010 04 12
Doesn´t anyone at the Vatican know the first thing about crisis management? Take responsibility, be honest, promise change, execute a well-publicized plan, and show results. Fast. Instead, the Vatican keeps shoveling out more denial, playing the victim, blaming the media. The homily I heard this Easter Sunday in downtown NYC made me cringe at its false claims: the Church is ...
Hitler ’wanted to steal’ Turin Shroud
2010 04 10
With the help of enhanced imagery and an expert in Elizabethan script, archaeologists are beginning to unravel the meaning of mysterious text and images etched into a rare 400-year-old slate tablet discovered this past summer at Jamestown, Virginia, the first permanent English settlement in America. Digitally enhanced images of the slate are helping to isolate inscriptions and illuminate fine details on ...
Earth & Space

Full Moon in Scorpio April 28th - Venus in Gemini April 25-May 19

This Full Moon in Scorpio dares us to look beyond what's visible or tangible and turn our attention to what hides beneath the surface to uncover the truth or answers we seek. Scorpio's psychic-emotional power is both feared and respected. It's a sign of healing, but in the Plutonian sense. The kind that means facing demons, walking through fear and taking a good hard look at what's going on. This realist sees the good, bad and the ugly, and never lives in la la land. That makes this full Moon a potential time to heal deep wounds in the soul, or move away from unhealthy fixations that bog down your energy.

Some full Moon themes are: upheaval, surging emotions, passion, intensity, truth telling, sexual merging, alchemical change.

Gemini governs thought, ideas, communication, interactions, education and siblings. While Venus is in Gemini, there's even more emphasis on communication in our relationships -- personal, intimate or business.

Lost Star of Myth and Time By Walter Cruttenden

The myth and folklore of ancestral peoples around the world hints at a vast cycle of time, with alternating Dark and Golden Ages. Plato called it the Great Year. Long believed to be a fairytale, there is now new astronomical evidence to show it has a basis in fact. Moreover, because it is caused by the acceleration of our Sun around another star, we learn that the Earth should soon be carried into a region of space that will have a beneficial affect on our atmosphere, nudging mankind into a higher age of consciousness.

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