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Top News This Week
Was Norway’s HAARP Facility EISCAT Responsible for the Norway Spiral?
2010 01 21
Have you ever heard of EISCAT (European Incoherent Scatter facility)? EISCAT, short for the European Incoherent Scatter facility, is located at Ramfjord, about 20 Kilometers South of Tromsø in Norway where the "Norway Spiral" or the Blue Spiral was seen back in December 2009. It's been said that the "spiral test" or "experiment"...
United States Government Recognizes Sovereignty of The Galactic Government
2010 01 21
The Galactic Government, created in 2004, and the business organized under the jurisdiction of the Galactic Government are recognized by the United States. The United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton verified the sovereignty of The Galactic Government and businesses organized under the Galactic Business Corporations Act of 2005 on Dec. 8, 2009. The signed document includes The Declaration of Galactic ...
U.S. Military Weapons Inscribed With Secret 'Jesus' Bible Codes
2010 01 19
The ACOG is the first standard issue scope for the United States Marine Corps (USMC). In this photo, a USMC sergeant holds up an M-4 service rifle equipped with the ACOG during a training exercise at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center at Twentynine Palms, Calif. (defenseimagery.mil) More Images Pentagon Supplier for Rifle Sights Says It Has 'Always' Added New ...
Man who shot Pope released, declares he's 'Christ eternal', proclaims Apocalypse
2010 01 19
The Turkish man who shot Pope John Paul II nearly 29 years ago emerged from prison and declared himself a messenger from God, then spent his first night of freedom in a luxury hotel room. Mehmet Ali Agca, 52, said Monday he would talk to the media in the next few days. But it seemed doubtful that his comments would clear up ...
Bible Possibly Written Centuries Earlier, Text Suggests
2010 01 17
Scientists have discovered the earliest known Hebrew writing — an inscription dating from the 10th century B.C., during the period of King David's reign. The breakthrough could mean that portions of the Bible were written centuries earlier than previously thought. (The Bible's Old Testament is thought to have been first written down in an ancient form of Hebrew.) Until now, many scholars ...
Does personality shape precognitive dream messages?
2010 01 16
A medical psychologist and professor at the University of California at Los Angeles, Dr. Thelma Moss, director of the Neuropsychiatric Institute, undertook a study of precognitive dreams during the 1970s and found to her surprise that numerous persons periodically dreamt the winners of horse races, even when they had no interest in racing. One of these lucky dreamers was Dr. Moss’s ...
UN thugs in Haiti
2010 01 15
Ed comment: The elite have been trying to “get to” Haiti for various reasons for a long time. This could be because of resources. It could also be because they want to get rid of people who still practice "ancient knowledge” (voodoo in this case)… who knows. The questions is, was the latest 7.0 mag. earthquake in Haiti another demonstration ...
Earth & Space

Venus in Aquarius until February 11

It is often said that Venus is the planet of love and attraction, but it can just as well be the planet of hate and repulsion, according to the inner value we give to certain experiences. Venus' loves and aversions draw us into some experiences, and pull us away from others. Aquarius is the sign of extreme aloofness, therefore don't be surprised if your partner is abruptly turning off and on, hot and cold. Venus in Aquarius must have independence and freedom! Allowing for eccentricity and unpredictability in love is a good idea for the next couple weeks.

The Venus sign can never be further than two signs away either side of the Sun sign, so the only people who can have Venus in Aqaurius in their charts are Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, and Aries.

On This Day in History

January 22, 1984 - The Apple Macintosh, the first consumer computer to popularize the computer mouse and the graphical user interface, is introduced during Super Bowl XVIII with its famous "1984" television commercial.

The heroine from Apple's 1984 ad, set in a dystopian future modeled after the George Orwell novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, set the tone for the introduction of the Macintosh. Watch the commercial here


January 22, 1983 - The Steven Spielberg film, "E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial", became the top movie moneymaker. In less than a year, "E.T.", the modern day, fairy tale, brought in $194 million in video rentals; replacing the previously #1 rented film, "Star Wars". Something for E.T. to phone home about. So here's a quote from Steven Spielberg...

"You have many years ahead of you to create the dreams that we can't even imagine dreaming. You have done more for the collective unconscious of this planet than you will ever know."
Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984)

This film is based on George Orwell's book.

After The Atomic War the world is divided into three states. London is the capital of Oceania, ruled by a party who has total control over all its citizens. Winston Smith is one of the bureaucrats, rewriting history in one of the departments. One day he commits the crime of falling in love with Julia. They try to escape Big Brother's listening and viewing devices, but, of course, nobody can really escape...
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