September 5, 2009 

September 3, 2009
Kathleen McErlain - The Secret Underground Worlds

August 27, 2009
Robert Bauval - Black Genesis & The Ancient People of Nabta Playa
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'Videocracy' ads can't air on Italy state TV
2009 09 03
A promotional poster of the documentary "Videocracy" provided by Fandango distribution, Thursday, Aug. 27, 2009. The director of a new Swedish documentary on television's influence over Italian culture says RAI state TV has refused two promotional spots because they are viewed as an attack on Premier Silvio Berlusconi. Swedish-Italian filmmaker Erik Gandini said Thursday that the movie is not about ...
The Hitler Escape - Operation Winnie the Pooh
2009 09 04
Below, the former agent Greg Hallett desribes how the English intelligence service, during the Russian siege of Berlin in two coordinated operations, rescued both Hitler and his nearest man Martin Bormann, from getting into Russian captivity. The short email text have been illustrated and divided into, first Hitler's rescue and then Bormann's, to make the course of events more clearer. ...
EU Agrees to Give $175 Billion to IMF"
2009 09 03
EU finance ministers say they are ready to increase their total contribution to the International Monetary Fund to €125 billion ($175 billion.) Sweden's Anders Borg said the 27-nation bloc will give more money to help plug a shortfall in the $500 billion the fund is looking for to help it lend to countries suffering from the global economic downturn. He told reporters
The article that rocked Israel and Sweden
2009 09 03
Swedish journalist Donald Bostrom caused an international incident with the publication of this article on allegations that Israel illegally harvested organs from Palestinians in the early 1990s. The Israeli reaction was predictably furious and indignant: "The article was a shocking piece of blatant racism," Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor told CNN on Wednesday. "This kind of medieval blood libel cannot ...
When Malthusians Become Messiahs
2009 09 03
Nowadays, anyone and everyone who raises a disparaging word about the Obama Administration's policies is immediately assigned the stigma of "alarmist," "scaremonger," or "paranoid." Perhaps such stigmas are actually applicable in some cases, like Genesis Communications Network radio talk show host Alex Jones and Fox News talk show host Glenn Beck. In both of these cases, there are, no doubt, ...
Masonic Lodges Open Those Mysterious Doors
2009 09 03
A replica of a mildewed 14th- century scroll has been unfurled and displayed at a library in New York. An eagle clutching arrows and ribbons, on a tattered flag made around 1803, has just been restored and framed for viewing at a Philadelphia museum. Near Boston a museum exhibition decodes cryptic symbols like compasses and columns embossed on metal badges ...
UK's payments to EU jump by 60 per cent
2009 09 03
The Treasury statistics show that the UK's net contribution to the EU will increase from 4.1 billion this year to 6.4 billion in 2010/11. The figures were published in the Treasury's annual Community Finances statement, which was slipped out last month just before parliament broke up for its summer recess. The revelation will fuel the political debate over whether Britain ...

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