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You know that healthy purified water with added Fluoride
2006 09 23

By Henrik Palmgren |


I wrote:

Please watch this:
(This is The Fluoride Deception - Interview With Christopher Bryson)

Then Read this:
(Fluoride - Even Worse Than We Thought)
(City removes fluoride from water)
(Fluoride - The Battle of Darkness & Light)
(The Fluoride Conspiracy)


And here is the completely disconnected reply I got from

Thank you very much for your candid and passionate comment regarding our Nursery Water(r) brand of bottled drinking water. We are always delighted to hear from our customers and consumers. We share your concern for public health safety and specifically dental health in all age groups and especially in infants and small children.

The best way to respond to your inquiry is by providing you with the history of Nursery Water:

In 1946, Dr. Herman Bundason, then Director of the Chicago Health Department, was concerned about the sterility of municipal drinking water when it was used to mix infant formula in hospitals and homes. Since he was familiar with Hinckley & Schmitt (today Hinckley Springs), as a bottled water company in Chicago through his department's responsibility for inspecting and regulating all bottling facilities that sold food products; Dr. Bundason felt Hinckley Spring was the right manufacturing partner. Thus began the extensive research effort that extends more than 50 years in providing a "special water" for infants and small children.

The initial research and development process for Nursery Water took over two years. However, as the research has evolved and agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration, the American Dental Association, The Centers for Disease Control and groups such as the Canadian Pediatric Society, the Canadian Dental Association, The Department of Dental Medicine and Public Health School of Dentistry - University of Southern California, The Baylor College of Dentistry, School of Dental Medicine State University of New York at Buffalo, The School of Dentistry University of California - San Francisco have published their findings in a myriad of publications that include the Journal of Dentistry for Children, and Pediatrics for Child Health regarding fluorosis and mechanism of fluoride, fluoride content in infant formulas; we have closely looked at the fluoride levels in Nursery Water in accordance with these agencies and groups and their recommendations.

Again, thank you for your interest in our Nursery(r) Water.


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