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Masons Recruiting & Chipping
2006 09 21

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"On the highway near where I live there are 2 billboards openly recruiting, in the Public for the Masons.

The Billboard shown here has a clean cut looking guy with big text saying Share the Secret.

Then it says Masons live better. and it has a website to go and join."

And they're promoting chips to children on their HP:

Masons prepare child recovery kits at area schools

By Sally Barber |

Volunteer for the Michigan Child Identification Program Gary Nostrant takes a DNA swab from Ethan Crisp for inclusion in a child recovery kit. In addition to the DNA sample, the free kits include a color photo, fingerprint records, dental impressions, a voice print and child interview.
More than 1,000 area children were fingerprinted, photographed and interviewed this week in a child identification initiative sponsored by Michigan Masons.

“You can't be too careful,” said Brandi Crisp, parent of a 5-year-old.

Crisp brought her kindergartner to the child identification clinic at Tustin Elementary Wednesday. Pine River schools hosted clinics Wednesday and Thursday while Lake City conducted clinics earlier in the week.

“The program (MICHIP) was developed in 1986 and we picked it up last year,” said Mark Vardakis, state director for the comprehensive child recovery initiative. “We're now more technologically advanced than the 13 other states using it because we're doing it on CD. They're still doing it on videos.”


Ed comment: Check out the related links below for more on the masonic CHIP program and more interesting links relating to this topic.

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