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Superb list of some of the many documentaries available on Google Video
2006 08 05

From AAA sky

Thank for sending me this list "AAA sky"

I add this one to the list:
Michael Tsarion - 2012 - The Future of Mankind

Das hier ist in German Sprache!!

Interview mit Andreas Epp und Walter Schauberger, PKS, ufo, flugscheiben

Bilderberg 2005 meeting exclusive footage (Dr._Johannes_Koeppl)


William Cooper: JFK Assassin Unmasked

Rigged USA Elections 2004 exposed

What Is Fascism?

What is Freemsonry?

Free Masons - US govenrment conspiracy mini documentary

Mark Of The Beast:IBM, VERICHIP and the FOURTH REICH

America - From Freedom to Fascism - Director Commentary

Invisibly Visible (Identifying Masonic Symbols)

Who Infiltrated America? Jesuits? Zionists? Illuminati? NWO? Aliens?

the Freeman Perspective

The Federal Reserve

Masters of the Universe - The Secret Birth of the Federal Reserve


the Freeman Perspective Corporate Logos/Columbia

Satan's Kingdom

Welcome to the Police State

Police State 2000 Martial Law Posse Comitatus

Police State 2: The Takeover

Police State.9-11, Martial Law, Rise Of The

Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines

THE LIGHTBRINGERS: The Emissaries of Jahbulon (History of Freemasonry)

JFK George Bush Sr C.I.A. CIA Link Conspiracy

fundamentalist documentry

Freemasons, secret societies, Massacre in Iraq

Shadows in motion - Exposing the New World Order

Iraq Veteran Speaks


ADL - the dark side of the anti-defamation league

Peace, Propaganda & The Promised Land

the freeman perspective - corporate logos and freemasonry

the Freeman Perspective with Gaylon Ross

The Freeman Perspective - Chemtrails

the Freeman Perspective with Michael Tsarion

The Destruction Of Atlantis [Michael Tsarion]

The Origins of Evil - Michael Tsarion

"The Naked Truth"


Sons of God - Jordan Max

Voting Machines Whistle Blower

Dr. Michael Parenti: "Terrorism, Globalism and Conspiracy"

Dr. Michael Parenti: Race, Gender and Class Stuggle

Who Controls Our Children ? (Public Education Dumb Down Kids Deliberately)

Crimes of Zionism

We Interrupt The BuSh Empire

John Pilger,Death of a nation

John Pilger,breaking the silence

John.Pilger,Cambodia.-.The. Betrayal

John.Pilger,Palestine is still the Issue

Conspiracy of Silence - US Politicians Pedophile Ring

Ted.Gunderson-Satanism.&.The. CIA' Children

War Recruiters - Leave My Child Alone !!!

Depleated Uranium - Dr. Griffin

IRS Agents Say = IRS is Illegal Private Corporation!

9/11 Controlled Demolitions of September 11, 2001

911 Loose Change Part 1

911 Loose Change Part 2

Screw Loose Change Part 1

Screw Loose Change Part 2

Screw Loose Change Part 3

Loose Change Watch Gypsy @ Work - The 911 Kean Commission Comes to SF Bay Area

Smorgasbord of content from Louder Than Words

Morgan Reynolds at Chicago 911 Truth Conference 02 Jun 2006

Brutal Truth: Tryanny in America

Alex Jones' Bilderberg 2006 Expose

Bilderberg - The Secret Rulers of the World

Painful Deceptions

Perspective on 9-11 Video Collection


Confronting the Evidence

Norman Solomon: War Made Easy

The Occult History of the Third Reich Adolf Hitler

FEMA Camp footage & Assault on Beech Grove

Texe Marrs Gulag USA Concentration Camps In America

the truth behind the gates of auschwitz 1

the truth behind the gates of auschwitz 2

War and Globalization - The Truth Behind September 11

Uncovered: The Whole Truth About The Iraq War

Iraq War Video - Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground

Important Truth

Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve

The Money Masters Pt. 1

The Money Masters Pt. 2

JBS - civilian disarmament

JBS - injustice for all

JBS - indoctrinating our youth in earth worship

JBS - in the name of prosperity

JBS - united states vs united nations

JBS - a look into the future

JBS - the UN crusade against god and family

One World Government - A look into the Futere behind the big news

FrankenSteer - The Passionate Eye

Aspartame = Deadly Poison

The Fluoride Deception (Interview With Christopher Bryson)

HIV = AIDS - Fact Or Fraud?

Vaccination - The Hidden Truth (1998)

Len Horowitz,DNA Pirates of the Sacred Spiral

Len Horowitz,AIDS and Ebola were manufactured 1

Len Horowitz,AIDS and Ebola were manufactured 2

The New Age - A Pathway to Paradise ? (1983)

The Eagle Has Landed! Magic, Alchemy, and The Illuminati Conquest of Outer Space

UFOs - The Secret Government

The truth about UFOs and Extraterrestrial Technologies and Life Forms

UFO's: The Hidden Truth

Nasa: Moon Landing Hoax and the Occult Part 1

Nasa: Moon Landing Hoax and the Occult Part 2

Nasa: Moon Landing Hoax and the Occult Part 3

Nasa: Moon Landing Hoax and the Occult Part 4

Nasa: Moon Landing Hoax and the Occult Part 5

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon

Science Report: Alternative 3

Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark

Acharya S - suns of god

Legend of Atlantis 1

Legend of Atlantis 2

Legend of Atlantis 3

Legend of Atlantis 4

Legend of Atlantis 5

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