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9/11 Truth American Scholars Symposium Conference Video Links & Download Sources
2006 08 02

Compiled by Henrik Palmgren |

Ed Comment: Here are a few video links and downloads for all you guys who haven't seen anything from the 9/11 Truth American Scholars Symposium Conference. Thanks for nudge on this Ville!

9/11 Truth American Scholars Symposium Conference

The program re-aired on C-SPAN 1 at 6:10PM EST (5:10PM CST) on Tuesday August 1st - Click here for live online stream. Click here for the panel video.

Symposium on theories about September 11th presents CSPAN Coverage of the American Scholars Symposium

CSPAN Coverage of L.A. 9/11 Panel

Talk Radio Mass-Mobilization!

You need BitTorrent knowledge and you need to Sign Up on to download these torrent files.






CSPAN Broadcast Of The 911 American Scholars Symposium

Theories about Sept. 11 Alex Jones on C-Span

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