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The New Moon & It's Meaning
New Year Begins at Crossroads in the Heavens
2006 01 02

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Just as we are making our entry into 2006, the Sun and Moon will be together close to the center of the galaxy. The Sun crosses the galactic equator closest to the center of the galaxy at the time of the winter solstice (Dec 21). The moon, in its monthly orbit around the earth catches up with the sun on December 30 at 7:12 pm PST.

What makes this event unusual and interesting is that at the same moment Saturn, Neptune, Mars and Jupiter will be spread out around the sky at 90 degree intervals forming a cross or a grand square. All at once we have the sun and moon together at the natural cross-roads formed by the ecliptic and the galactic equator together with this big square or cross being formed by the planets.

This moment is one that brings to all of us the opportunity to reflect. More than most years, this new year is especially potent for examining the effects of our actions and priorities. This is not a time for worry or pointing the finger of blame, but a wonderful opportunity to see ourselves and our circumstances more clearly. Clarity brings the opportunity for new and better choices.

May we all sieze the opportunity to see more clearly and make choices that fully support the blessings of our lives and the thriving of all those with whom we share relationships. Blessings for your journey into this new year.

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December New Moon #2: December 31, 2005

By Barbara Hand Clow |

Hi, Gang! Happy New Year and Winter Solstice! It's the second New Moon in December and ten days after the Winter Solstice, and here again I am sitting down to write Astroflash! Why be annoyed? First of all, writing three columns in a month is very hard for me because I am writing two books at the same time right now. Secondly, as you will see, we are still having the grand square composed of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune! I am sick of decoding this grand square in fixed signs, and I am even more stressed by living with it! I'm sure you are too. Often this month you've probably felt that the fates are against you. Check this out: During the Dec. 1 New Moon, the Dec. 15 Full Moon, the Winter Solstice, and this Dec. 30 New Moon, Jupiter has been opposite Mars and T-squaring Saturn (all planets less than 2 degrees apart the whole time), and Neptune has been forming this T-square into a wide grand square. In the Winter Solstice reading (and leaving Neptune out of it) I said that Mars oppose Jupiter T-square Saturn was a veritable clash of Titans that will reverberate for the whole winter season and create tight, specific actions to mold reality into a system that controls all people. However, a shift is coming in after the Capricorn New Moon, so I must start by saying a few words about the next Full Moon, because it is the fruition of this New Moon.

During the January 14 Full Moon, Neptune will finally have some power in the grand square while Saturn is losing power. During the Full Moon in Cancer (opposing Sun in Capricorn), the Mars/Saturn/Jupiter T-square will morph into a tight (less than 1 degree) T-square made up of Jupiter opposite Mars T-square Neptune, all in the middle degrees of the fixed signs. Saturn makes a wide grand square here, but is finally retrograding off the stage. When planets attain the middle degrees, the greatest amount of growth and transformation is going on, so this shift will be easier. It's possible some of you will feel a palpable lightening up during the Full Moon, and you might feel very mystical. If you have made a lot of progress on your work issues during this New Moon, then mystical flights of fancy are more likely. Then, if you can believe it, during the next New Moon (January 29, 2006), Mars/Neptune/Jupiter are still in the T-square! My Christmas and New Year's gift to myself is that I am not covering what the Bushites will be up to in Washington this month. Actually after being pushed around by this grand square for a few months, I don't care what any of them are doing-and you probably don't either!

Meanwhile, in spite of the T-square and grand squares, this New Moon in Capricorn expresses a lovely deep Earth energy that is assisted by a close trine from Mars in Taurus, and by close sextiles to Jupiter in Scorpio and Uranus in Pisces that are in a beautiful trine. The New Moon in Capricorn challenges you to get really honest about what kind of work you really like. You may feel like quitting everything you don't really enjoy and putting all your energies into what you love. You may not be able to resist these urges because Jupiter in Scorpio says: Do what you really want, and the resources will flow to you from places you can't imagine. Then if you hesitate, Uranus in Pisces will throw in uncanny surprises. Uranus in Pisces can deliver many spirits to work with you to see opportunities in surprising synchronicities. You may have actual visits from spirits and meaningful dreams.

Since the New Moon is close in degrees to the grand square, Saturn in Leo plays a role in your thoughts about what you really want. In general, Saturn in Leo has been prodding you to just take what you want for yourself and everybody else be dammed since mid-July of this year. Yet, as soon as Saturn retrograded in Leo in late November, this grasping energy shifted significantly.

From late November 2005 through early April 2006 (when Saturn goes direct) Saturn is teaching you to control your little egocentric and selfish desires, so that you can create significant goals that will support some very important work for the next thirty years. This key issue is highlighted during the New Moon because Saturn quincunxes the Moon. There usually are lots of strikes and resistance when Saturn is in Leo, which has been true in Canada, the US, and France. Well, this New Moon could create more than strikes; it could create a massive wave of people quitting their jobs. So, think deeply about what you really want to create, intend to be realistic about it, yet be sure you're ready to hear the call of spirit.

To summarize, the New Moon in Capricorn inspires you to seek the best possible work goals; Jupiter in Scorpio opens the cash register; Uranus in Pisces contributes spiritual support; and Saturn retrograde in Leo gives you a big shove in the butt. You are not going to be able to avoid deep contemplation about work, and then the issue is also karmic because the New Moon forms a combust T-square to the lunar nodes. Whenever a planet squares the lunar nodes, a great karmic crisis is actuated, and in this case, both the Sun and Moon are squaring the nodes. Since December 2004, the North Node has been in Aries, pushing you to take what you really want in life. Meanwhile, the South Node in Libra has been saying relax, have a drink, get dessert, go play, and stop being so serious about life. If you are growing now, the North Node wins and the South Node releases you. Which is it for you? You won't even have to think about it with the New Moon exactly squaring the nodes. By New Year's Day, you will have your answer because your lunar feeling body wants to work with your solar essence to find what you want. You will concretize your feelings during this New Moon, or you will just accept yourself for doing the best you can. Yet, the latter will not be so easy, because the T-square will crunch you if you try to relax too much while the New Moon squares the lunar nodes.

Okay, sky gods, give us something else to cheer us up just before champagne time! Look at Mercury combust Pluto and Venus combust Chiron! I've promised not to say much about the Bushites, yet Mercury combust Pluto at 25 Sagittarius does square Neptune in Virgo in the 1776 USA chart, which means people can easily see they've been duped regarding Iraq. If you believe, as I do, that the best thing that could happen to the world would be to have the Bushites get their wings clipped, Mercury/Pluto square the USA Neptune looks pretty good. Under this strong Sagittarian influence, the Bushites may have nasty conflicts with their fundamentalist supporters this month. And, the shift to the Neptunian influence in the fixed grand square favors true spiritual inspiration over sentimental dribble from Minister Falwell. Another possibility is that Pope Ratzinger may not be able to keep the lid on the priestly abuse scandal. Add Venus retrograde conjunct Chiron in early Aquarius, and the new spiritual forces coming to the planet will be very strong. If you have looked at the Winter Solstice reading, you will see the reading for Venus conjunct Chiron and the information about our entry in Galactic Night Four as defined by Carl Johan Calleman. Because we are in Night Four, the real spiritual forces that are coming in now are extremely subtle, while the rationalist, patriarchal powers are asserting themselves confidently for the next six months. Putting it all together, the spiritual vibrations on the inner planes are exceedingly powerful, the world "out there" seems to be crazy, and the fixed grand square makes you feel crazy while you also feel incredibly inspired. Whew! I've had enough of it myself.

We are in the middle of a tectonic shifting on Earth and all of the non-physical planes are shifting as well. From a psychic and seer's perspective, what is happening looks like a plan for Earth that many of us have been waiting for. However, living through this process feels like being stuck in meat grinders, blenders, or food processors going full speed, and the astrology the last few months describes this undoing. We feel like butterflies pinned to the wall for display by Jupiter opposite Mars T-square Saturn. Our souls will want to spiral right out of linear time when Neptune in Aquarius T-squares Mars opposite Jupiter, and Saturn goes into retrograde. Such desires will be the strongest during the January 14 Full Moon with Mars/Jupiter/Neptune in the middle degrees of the fixed signs Taurus/Scorpio/Aquarius. With retrograde Saturn in Leo moving out of range of the grand square, you will feel support if you seek possibilities you've always dreamed about. When Saturn goes direct in early April and comes back to the middle degrees of the fixed signs in August 2006, thankfully, Mars is out of range and in Virgo. So, what shifts with the T-square morphing into Mars opposite Jupiter T-square Neptune? Jupiter in Scorpio opposite Mars in Taurus wants us to ground and develop the dark, truth-seeking powers of Jupiter. Normally, Mars in Taurus is very lazy, like an old cow chewing its cud in a flowery field-but not when Plutonic expansion says take action in all ways and go to the depths. With Neptune in Aquarius crowning this energy in a T-square, higher-dimensional powers are sucked in, since Neptune's delusional tendencies are curbed by its squares to Mars in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio. As you know, many are called and few are chosen. This will be a great resounding call in mid-January. You might as well listen to this call because it will make life easier during the latter days of the Mayan Calendar. It would be wise to first consider some of these principles during this New Moon, and it would be wise to meditate during the January 14 Full Moon and receive the full powers of what comes in. What you do in life is what you become. Ask yourself: Do you want to become what you do?

Washington, DC, is closed down and the Bushites are at the ranch having burgers and booze with their cronies who got the biggest contracts in Iraq. We will look into what they are doing during the January New Moon once they get back to work. Happy New Moon, and Happy New Year '06!

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