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Global Warming Zealots Showing Desperate Last Gasp
2006 01 31

By Mitch Battros | ECM (ECTV)

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Beginning yesterday as indicated in this NY Times Article, there has been an all out blitz by the global warming zealots to paint a picture suggesting the Bubba Bush regime is using covert intimidation to snuff out their leader James Hansen. But the facts say something different.

James Hansen is the person who made up this name “global warming” back in 1988 when presenting information to a Senate hearing. Because there were so few scientists and documented research on the subject of climate change at that time, Hansen was able to present his graphs and figures any way he wanted. He presented a chart to the Senate panel which is now famously known as the “hockey stick”. The chart got its name because Hansen’s unsupported, non peer-reviewed conjecture depicted a “run-away” line suggesting human-caused pollution was the sole culprit of greenhouse gases which is the primary cause of a changing climate.

Since the time of Hansen’s 1988 ‘hockey stick’, numerous climatologist, paleoclimatologist, paleologist, paleobotanist, solar physicists, and archeologists just to name a few, have clearly shown Hansen’s work to be flawed. A new term widely used to describe Hansen’s now famous falsified chart is the “Broken Hockey Stick”.

So why all the sudden chatter initiated by James Hansen himself declaring NASA and the Bubba Bush regime is out to silence him? One glaring and pathetic reason…MONEY. James Hansen and the global warming zealots are having their funds shut down due to the promotion of intentional fallacious research and the blatant omission of current empirical data highlighting solar and other influence. Hansen’s research also omits more recent studies of ice core samples, lake bottom samples, and tree ring studies all showing a natural cyclical occurrence the Earth has seen many times before.

Yes, it is all about GREED. Earth Changes Media has also found out that Hansen just so happens to be promoting his new book “The Tipping Point?” released two weeks ago.

Oh my, what a coincidence:

Well I guess you can’t blame Hansen for seeking to gain income any way he can. After all, a person has to eat, don’t they?

The true victim is certainly not Hansen, but science itself. Today’s political ‘climate’ (pun intended) has unfortunately hijacked science itself for ones’ own political agenda. The new motto is “forget the facts, what’s the payoff?”.

A recent interview I had with internationally known geophysicist/climatologist Dr. Jonathan Overpeck, from the University of Arizona speaks louder than anything I could possibly say about the lack of integrity of scientific data presented by the global warming theorists. But don’t take my word for it, read the full transcript yourself. No doubt you will be nothing less than shocked at some of the answers to some very direct questions. The omission of volcanic, solar, celestial and ocean retained CO2 contribution of enormous proportions are so egregious, it is almost criminal.

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