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Now Up To Six X-Class Flares and Counting
2005 09 11

By Mitch Battros | ECTV

Ed Comment: Kp Index off now the scale, geomagnetic Storm ongoing. It's a shame that EIT images are down (bakeout)

SOHO from 11 Sep. MDI Magnetogram (False color)
Due to so many ‘large’ solar flares, this may be the last newsletter related to solar storms. So instead, simply go to the ECTV website for the latest posting and updates.

Within the last two hours a new X-Class flare has fired away. But there is one very important difference; now sunspot region 808 has rotated into position to cause “Earth Directed” flares and CME’s (coronal mass ejections). From this point on, and for the next 23 days, each and every flare has the potential for a glancing or direct hit to Earth.

When the charged particles hit our protective magnetic field, the magnetic field shifts as if cranking tightly on a jar top. When this occurs, it in turn, causes a shift in the jet stream, often causing it to drop down low enough to disturb weather patterns. And when this occurs, it causes ocean currents to shift.

Sun-Earth Diagram:

Today’s X-Class Flare:

Kp Index:

This is the sequence which is easily followed in my “Equation” first published back in 1997. You can read about this in Chapter 7 of ‘Solar Rain’ titled “Solar Flares, CME’s, and the Equation”. Table of Contents:


Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Field Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents => Extreme Weather and Human Disruption (mitch battros)

You will notice I mention as a direct influence of geomagnetic storms, is the reference to “human disruption”. Not only do I mean disruption in the way of extreme weather events, but also in the way of ‘mental and emotional’ disturbance.

Back in March of 2003, I attended my N.A.D.A. annual acupuncture convention. My presentation was on the Earth - Sun Connection. As an acupuncturist I have some understanding of magnetics and the human/animal grid. It has been known for thousands of years there is an energy that runs through all living things. The Chinese call this energy "Chi" or "Qi". The Japanese call it "Ki". The eastern Indians (India) call it "Prana". The Mayans call it "Gaia". And of course, Luke Skywalker calls it "The Force".

When our life force energy field is out of balance, it manifests as illness both physical and/or mental. The very basics of acupuncture is the study of the human gird or (energy field) and its connection to our anatomy. The largest part of an acupuncturist study is identifying and defining the energy points which network through the human/animal body. These energy points are known as "meridians". Meridians are a network of bio-magnetic grids (energy points) that run through all living things. When the life force energy i.e., "Chi, Ki, Prana, Gaia, The Force" is out of balance, it manifest as illness. What an acupuncturist will do is manipulate certain meridians, depending on the ailment, to bring balance back to the body and mind.

The use of magnetics is now being used as a treatment for mental health, mostly with mood disorders such as Depression, Anxiety and Compulsions. I believe it is more than possible when geomagnetic storms occur, there can be a direct affect on human/animal behavior. The study of magnetic influence on animal behavior has been well documented and is believed to be the cause of hundreds of dolphins and whales beaching themselves. This also applies to the phenomenon of migrant birds flying in very unusual areas.

Just as the Earth has its magnetic field, so do humans. It makes sense that what would certainly disrupt one, would disrupt the other. Are we indeed connected to the Earth (Universe) in ways current science is just beginning to explain? Perhaps we will find the answers in our ancestor’s notes to us in the way of ancient text.

I dedicated a full chapter in ‘Solar Rain’ to this almost futuristic probability. Chapter 12 titled “The Sun and Human and Animal Behavior”.

Article from: ECTV - Newsletter

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