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Is manufactured incompetence in New Orleans a setup for another staged terrorist attack?
2005 09 02

By Henrik Palmgren |

Why is there no action! Why the slow response? What is happening? This is not "regular" incompetence, this is "engineered" stupidity!

All depends on how fast the water can be pumped out of the city so that electricity can be restored. To do this the breached levee system must first be fixed. The Corps of Engineers are directing helicopters that are dropping bags of gravel (or sandbags) that "eventually" will plug the breach in the levee, which protects the below-sea-level city. I watched this on the WPMI live internet feed and it looked like they where dropping sugar cubes in a bathtub full of hot water.

Despite what it looked like, reports states that Levee repairs in New Orleans are expected to finish soon. (But hey, maybe that's why I ain't a military engineer, let's see how it goes).

There is an outcry of disappointment regarding the lack of leadership during this entire catastrophe. And I can understand that, people are dying on the streets from dehydration and disease.

Why is there no engaged management behind million dollar funded organizations like FEMA? Where is the drinking water? Where is the food?

WAPT, Jackson Local media said yesterday that top priority is to hunt for looters, not to look for survivors. That means not to help bring fresh water or food to the affected areas and to the people who needs it most.

So what if there is looting? People are dying, help them first! Maybe the lack of food and water started the looting from the beginning?

There is talk about trouble getting to the different areas. Availability and so on! Well where are the boats? Heck... why not bring in the amphibious army vehicles? Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!

The results so far is Martial Law, soaring oil prices and an unnecessary number of dead members of the human family. Cui Bono? - Who benefits? Reports of rape, violence and plundering are also numerous. (Could these be fake reports, or maybe extra highlighted by media to spread more fear and further traumatize people already in shock or close to it?)

Is this whole thing a case of manufactured incompetence? Could this be the perfect setup for another terrorist attack (staged or not)?

All eye's are on New Orleans, and as National Guard Troops move into the devastated region other areas around United States become more vulnerable.

It would NOT be a good time for an attack to occur now (not that there ever is a good time). But it would be the best darn recruitment ad the military ever could get (prime time so to speak). Lots of anger! And sad times for Iran.

As the four year anniversary of 9/11 fast approaches let's just hope I'm wrong!

Henrik Palmgren:

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