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Jon De'Pew on Jeff Rense & RadiOrbit - Coral Castle Code Broken!?
2005 09 09

Ed Leedskalnin left behind the blueprints of nature, a Secret Knowledge of the Ancients. It is the base for all structure in creation. I discovered the clue Ed Leedskalnin left for the world.This will be the first time people can see the Genius behind this man who learned natures biggest secret.

Ed's code reveals this science to be the understanding all of natures forces and creations. From a nano level up to the structure of our universe itself.This simple clue Ed Leedskalnin left on the cover of his book Magnetic Current is the key to opening the most sought after mystery of the world. Two Individual Magnetic Currents that form all of nature!! They are the Blueprints of all Creation. Simplicity in these two currents will blossom into glorious complexity that becomes a blueprint of our universe and it's base form of energy, and how it's very elastic magnetic current tentacles stretch out in vortex motions, it is the construction and destruction process within the fabric of creation. Science says energy is canceled when Positive and Negative connect, but Ed said there is still something there when the electric is not. Ed Leedskalnin said science is misled by this false electron principle , He said there are no electrons, (Ed's quote:>" the trouble with physicists is they use indirect and ultra indirect methods to come to there conclusions. If the inventor of Electrons had a vacuum tube in which his electrons could run close to the top of the vacuum tube from the West side of the cathode to the East side of the Anode and then hang a vertically

RadiOrbit - 2005 08 29 - Jon De'Pew

19.6 MB - 2 Hour 52 Min.

Show from: 29th August, 2005


Jeff Rense - Jon De'Pew - Coral Castle Code Broken - 2 Shows

61.5 MB - 2 Hour 59 Min.

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Shows from: 19th October, 2004 & 7th September, 2005

Torrent from: Conspiracy Central


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