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A Case For The Sun to Be Alive
The question is - could the sun be a sentient life form?
2005 08 02

By Ted Twietmeyer |

Having been a collector and sometimes a follower of "alternative science" theories for years, it seemed time for this to be written before the coming internet 2 controls are put in place. Many alternative science theories were later adopted by the physics community, and proclaimed to be their discoveries. Like all science fields, there are also serious theories which are well thought out and then later proved empirically. Let us begin by examining several different related phenomena that may give clues to the answer. We are not attempting here to define what the sun is made of, or whether it is a solid or plasma. What we want to consider is simply, is it ALIVE?

The comments below do not necessarily reflect my own opinions. My challenge to the reader is to ponder what the answer may be.

This is a fascinating area, which some label as "pseudo-science." But can we say it is? There are many energy forms we cannot see, touch or taste, yet they exist. Gravity is one of these. One knows that electricity is present in a wall outlet, without the need to confirm it with a butter-knife (which could kill you so don't try it.) Even though it "doesn't trickle down the wall and run on the floor" like water can, we know electricity is real. Orgone energy may be like this, but far more difficult to measure and quantify.

Wilhelm Reich, who many be consider as one of the founders of Orgone theory stated that "it is the substratum from which all nature is created." Since it is energy, then it would stand to reason it is a life force. Reich also spoke of positive and negative forms of the energy, which could either heal or cause sickness. (See [1] for more information by Charles R. Kelley, Ph.D.)

Perhaps our sun is the real source of Orgone energy, and Orgone collectors constructed to make people well are just collectors of an invisible form of solar energy.

Some years ago I learned about a life force emitted from the sun, which is not considered to be any wavelength of light. This life giving force cannot be measured, but one can grow plants with it in darkness. To some this sounds like foolishness. However science today doesn't completely understand photosynthesis. So why wouldn't this be possible? In fact, I put this to the test and plants DID GROW in darkness, with daily growth following the daylight hours. (I cannot go into the details on how this was done in this essay.) Yet no instrument was able to measure the form of energy, toward which the plants grew.

There are serious theories which this author has studied that connect time and gravity. Is it possible that gravity is the physical manifestation of time? One good example is the Voyager spacecraft. The Voyager data transmitter is modulated at 11 pulses per second by a motor driven cam switch. It is a mechanical switch that should not be working today. Yet this device began operating in 1977, and is still working.

As of 2005, Voyager 1 has now surpassed 10,000 days of operation [2.] So what is different? Perhaps the farther from the sun the slower time flows. This would fit the theory, since there should be very little gravity, too. It may be that if you are out in deep space, that time virtually stops. If we consider that time is relative to another object or person and there is nothing else around you for a relative measurement, then how do you define time? No one has taken a clock that far out in space to confirm the theory.

Even more incredible are planets, comets and asteroids which remain in orbit even though solar energy from the sun is very dim. In fact, it took Voyager about an hour to collect enough photons from the sun to create an image of the outer planets as it flew by. Yet despite the weak sunlight these planets receive, they stay in orbit! It is clear that gravitational energy is not easily explained. This shows that gravity doesn't fall off the square of the distance as light does.

It may seem odd that time is gravity. But let us suppose there is yet ANOTHER energy source given off by the sun - one that creates the flow of "time" as we know it? We might call it the Z force. Perhaps Z energy does fall off the square of the distance, and it would explain how the planets stay in orbit yet time slows down the farther from the sun you are.

Finally, there is the extended mission of the two Voyagers. The extended mission life made it possible to image Neptune since the spacecraft were still operating, even though long past the design life. This may indeed show that the passage of time "out there" is far slower than it is here on earth.

It has been known for years that the sun has reacted to nuclear detonations and tests. Perhaps the suns gravity that keeps earth in orbit might also form an invisible "channel." Through this channel destructive energies from a nuclear blast might be drawn back to the sun. And like photosynthesis, (publicly) little is known about gravity and the mechanism of it. This should be giving physicists a clue to the mechanism which keeps earth in orbit. If a full-blown nuclear exchange takes place on earth perhaps the sun will respond with mega-sized solar flares that might rip through the ionosphere. No such exchange has taken place in history and only the effective blast radius, fallout and damage patterns are known to be modeled. The new weapons that may be unleashed on Iran will be 2,500 times the power of the Hiroshima bomb, or 100 megatons. Every weapon ever invented by the military has always been used. This is a frightening prospect indeed.

SOLAR PATTERNS readers know from recent articles (July 2005) from this author, that solar activity has become quite bizarre. A long, dark band (in the ultraviolet spectrum) observed about two weeks ago has returned. If the sun is the chaotic process as many scientists claim it is then no such band should persist even for one day. Nor should geometric shapes form and persist for days. Yet, the presence of these bands and signatures cannot be denied. Could these bands be a form of communication to us from the sun?

It is known that the human body manufactures vitamin D and other needed nutrients from small amounts of sunlight. But how is this possible? Again, no one knows for certain how this mechanism works. Perhaps this is related to the life force flowing from the sun. Some healers have also claimed that a healing connection exists with the sun.

There are probably other life-force phenomena not covered here. Although solar geometric shapes may be induced by an unknown external force, some of the other phenomena discussed here are real and their effects can be measured. It would be arrogant and foolish for science to think they can define what life is, and what it must or must not be made of.

Ted Twietmeyer is your place to participate in researching unusual phenomena.

[1] - Orgone energy in detail at

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