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David Icke on Contact Talk Radio - London Bombings & The Nature of Reality
2005 07 18

Contact Talk Radio - 2005 07 13 - David Icke

11.48 MB - 1 Hour 37 Min.

From: 13th July, 2005

Source: Contact Talk Radio

Two Hours of David Icke Talking about the London Bombings, the Nature of Reality, and How it is Manipulated.


Problem - Reaction - Solution
To those who don't know what P-R-S (problem-reaction-solution) is, we have provided a synopsis for you to show you how extremely devistating it has been in orchestrating and moving an agenda forward that for a long time has been hidden but is now coming to the surface in massive proportions.

September 11th was the most obvious P-R-S I have ever seen!

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