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Cornplanter Rips Straight To The Essense On Mad Cows
2005 06 26

by Cornplanter

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Greetings dear Children of Light;

This is your beloved Elsie bringing through a message of Light and Love from the realms of spirit involuted into matter on your own earth-plane, for the edification and enlightenment of all of humanity. Currently I am actually living in an undisclosed facility surrounded by thousands of my race, somewhere in western North America, from whence I give this communication. I am Elsie. I am a Cow. Do you know what a cow is? Look, I'm a grazing animal; I'm meant to eat grass. But no, my handlers at best give me daily doses of moldy dried hay, antibiotics, insecticides, and metabolism-altering drugs... and keep me "pastured" between milkings in standing-room-only pens on a putrid pile of manure. My whole life consists of eating my "scientific" rations of partial food and "health-additives", and walking through the milking shed. I have not seen a blade of living grass in my life. I am on so many drugs that I have no idea what normal is (you might compare it to permanent crystal and crack addiction with no reprieve), and my whole body is so filled with poisons that insects and many bacteria cannot exist within me. After I have been milked constantly, have become completely wasted, and I am too exhausted to go on, and I will be sent to a meat-packing plant. There, if I cannot stand up even for a short time when the handlers lift me back up, I will be called a "downer", but if no one is the wiser, I will still be cut up into "wholesome," USDA approved hamburger meat.

For this kind of life, do I need a brain? Who cares if my brain is wasted? I have to be virtually dead before anyone will think about testing me for "Mad Cow Disease." But whether or not I get tested, I can tell you this: I'm one MAD COW. I do not deserve this treatment. You humans are worse than animals!!!!!! You are a curse upon all life. If I can pass on Mad Cow Disease and help to completely wipe out the human race, then I will not have lived in vain. Death to all humans!!!!

Blessings upon you, dear Children of Light,

Elsie the Cow

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