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Mad cow - mad science - mad solutions there a relationship? I wonder, hi hi hi!!!

By Fredrik Palmgren |

2005 05 18

Here is one article that inspired this comment...
Please read it before, to clarify the comment (it's not long hi hi hi)

Again we want, or to be more accurate - are being feed the quickest, easiest and most foolish way by the elite controllers. The most important thing to remember here is why these types of "express solutions" are being offered to the masses, and that is - don't get any own ideas, don't think for yourself. So they need to fill that space fast, the space created by a disturbance in the comfort zone of the western world, mind set, and it doesn't have to be a solution that makes any sense, simply that something is offered is good enough.

Because in a culture were nothing makes sense anymore, all those excepting that reality (as all there is in the infinite cosmos) will never notice that anything is wrong to begin with.

So don't think for yourself, don't wonder what cause or reason there might be for these types of diseases. Such there something wrong whit the system? Personal responsibility!!! Or am I and my actions part of a bigger picture that goes beyond the wage-slave, consumer and be afraid of terrorists, reality. I mean now when the sun is really starting to get busy, I don't really need to know, I just swallow a little anti-burn pill or when the earthquakes start to act up in my area, simply swallow the stand - steady pill. To simplify, the cows or pigs are not the cause of the mad cow disease, it does not start there. That is just a false idea and our controllers know it.

We have been feed the idea of coincidence or "big bang" theory as the creation of life for sometime now and it's getting ready to leave our reality, Thank you. Let me say this...big bang created out of nothing, yes it's true, it's just that "Nothing" represents all that our brains can't get over it.

This take a pill, get vaccination thinking is like car insurance or locks on our houses. Of course you can push destiny, karma (what have you) around from one part of your life to the other but you can never escape it. You can only change yourself, so instead of wishing for a beautiful world, wish for a beautiful heart and the world is yours.


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