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May 2005

Michael Tsarion on Coast to Coast AM From 26th May, 2005
2005 05 31
Based on his studies of Celtic, Indian and other ancient mythologies and apocryphal texts like the Book of Enoch, he concluded that the Nephilim came to Earth thousands of years ago, setting themselves up on the continent of Atlantis, after they were ousted from their own star system. Torrent from Conspiracy Central
Alex Jones Show - Bilderberg Targeting American Patriots From 27th May, 2005
2005 05 30
Daniel Estulin is award-winning investigative journalist who has been researching the Bilderbergers for over 13 years. Estulin was one of only two journalists in the world who witnessed and reported (from beyond the heavily guarded perimeter) the super secret meeting at the Dorint Sofitel Seehotel in Rottach-Egern, Munich, Bavaria, Germany, on May 5–8, 2005.
Real "Star Wars" Makes the Movie Seem Tame
2005 05 29
The new "Star Wars" movie is fantasy. The true story could be much stranger and a lot more exciting. There have been about two-dozen cases where spacecraft have been recovered including a few where aliens have been captured dead or alive. The bankers have suppressed this information and even kept Presidents and CIA Directors out of the loop.
Michael Horn on The Edge Radio From 30th April, 2005
2005 05 29
Listen to Daniel Ott’s very interesting new interview of Michael Horn on The Edge radio show. From 30th April, 2005. Michael Horn from is a "representative" of Billy Meier. Part 1 - Part 2
'Prophet Yahweh' Calls Up Daylight UFO For TV News
2005 05 29
An ABC-TV affiliate in Las Vegas broadcast images of a UFO summoned by a self-styled "prophet" who predicts many more will be seen throughout the area next week. Ramon Watkins, aka "Prophet Yahweh" agreed to meet with a reporter and camera crew of KTNV at a location of their choice and time. Video
Carl Johan Calleman on Earth Changes TV Radio Hour From May 26th, 2005
2005 05 29
Author of “The Mayan Calendar” and the Transformation of Consciousness. The Mayan Time Science describes energy changes in Cosmic history and is our most valuable tool for charting the future. This site outlines the underlying basis for this calendar, the very foundation of prophecy. Special interest on June 2nd 2005 a most significant time of transition. Torrent from Conspiracy Central
New DREAD Weapon - Devastating, Jam-Proof And Silent
2005 05 27
Imagine a gun with no recoil, no sound, no heat, no gunpowder, no visible firing signature (muzzle flash), and no stoppages or jams of any kind. Now imagine that this gun could fire .308 caliber and .50 caliber metal projectiles accurately at up to 8,000 fps (feet-per-second), featured an infinitely variable/programmable cyclic rate-of-fire (as high as 120,000 rounds-per-minute), and were capable of laying down a 360-degree field of fire.
Danger: Mind Controllers At Work!
2005 05 26
So you think you voted for George Bush or Tony Blair or John Howard on their 'merits'? Think again. Media mind control techniques have now reached a new standard of excellence in the west. Out go old-fashioned baseball bats and heavy drugs, replaced by 'low light images', and a new 'color coded language' fired straight down your unsuspecting optic nerve.
Scientists Gingerly Tap Into Brain's Power (DARPA Mind Control Research)
2005 05 25
Cyberkinetics' big breakthrough is listening to up to 100 neurons at once and applying the computing power to make sense of that data almost instantly. The 100 sensors stick out from a chip the size of a contact lens. Through a hole in the skull, the chip is pressed into the cortex surface "like a thumbtack."
Freak sandstorm causes crashes near Columbus
2005 05 25
High winds blowing sand from a farm field caused zero visibility and two accidents. No one was seriously injured Monday afternoon on the county road south of Edinburgh, about 25 miles south of Indianapolis.
Richard Hoagland on Radio Alchymy From May 12th, 2005
2005 05 25
What was going on behind the scenes during the moon shot of the Apollo missions? You might be surprised. Richard Hoagland was there and has been talking about the truth of the space race ever since. Stream: Hour 1 - Hour 2
Alex Jones on Rense (Torrent from Conspiracy Central)
2005 05 25
Three Hours Jeff Rense Radio with Alex Jones Report From The Prison Planet. They discuss Galloway, BSE testing and Murdered scientists, the fake war on terror, DARPA mind control and more. Torrent from Conspiracy Central
Dr. Paul Pearsall, PhD on Rense - Do Transplanted Hearts Remember?
2005 05 25
Hour 1 and 2 from May 19th, 2005. According to this study of patients who have received transplanted organs, particularly hearts, it is not uncommon for memories, behaviours, preferences and habits associated with the donor to be transferred to the recipient. Related article: Organ Transplants And Cellular Memories
May 2005 Crop Formation Update in Six Countries
2005 05 23
One year ago on May 22, 2004, I reported at an overview of 12 crop formations which had been reported in six countries. So far in 2005, there have been 16 patterns reported in six countries, with some unusual randomly downed crop patterns in the United States and Mexico.
It’s Not Your Imagination…
2005 05 23
If you thought the weather lately is ‘out of whack’, you are absolutely correct. Others may go further to say “people have been acting different lately”. This too, may not be off base. The weather is extreme and unusual, and as you will see from the articles below, the words “freak storm” and “record breaking” are used quite often.
Bush May Give Pentagon OK To Weaponize Space
2005 05 21
The new space policy in the United States might see President George W Bush allow the Pentagon greater authority to deploy space-based weapons, media reports have quoted sources in administration and defence experts as saying. According to reports, the new policy, being jointly drafted by the Defence Department, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and others, might see the proliferation of offensive weapons in space.
Jordan Maxwell on Mysteries of the Mind From 19 May, 2005
2005 05 20
Jordan Maxwell continues as a preeminent researcher and independent scholar in the field of occult / religious philosophy. His interest in these subjects began as far back as 1959. His work exploring the hidden foundations of Western religions and secret societies creates enthusiastic responses from audiences around the world. More
Alex Jones Interviews Jeff Rense ( members only) From 18 May, 2005
2005 05 20
Time Peabody Award Nominee -- Talkers Magazine Top 100 Host. Jeff Rense never does interviews. This is ultra-rare. Don't miss it! Alex and Jeff discuss George Galloway's testimony in the Senate, the future plans of the New World Order, media brainwashing and more.
David Icke on News for the Soul
2005 05 18
May 9, 2oo5 - David Icke is back with the most ground breaking interview since we first spoke to him during 9-11. More clues to the true nature of our reality may be about to be uncovered. Click play and prepare to see your world in a whole new way ... yet again.
Three “New” M-Class Flares Fire Off
2005 05 18
Three new M-Class flares have fired off in the last 12 hours. NOAA has already put out warnings to power companies, satellite manufactures, and the FAA to warn against high flights. Airlines will be ordered to fly at lower altitudes, especially the Boeing 747 and 777.
What's Up on Planet Earth? Forward Movement
2005 05 18
Yes, the energies are certainly moving ahead now. As the energetic shifts arrive closer and closer together, they are also affecting us more and more where we are at the physical level. Currently they can be felt by some as "pushing" and moving, as they assist in supporting all to be in place and in alignment with the New higher ways and vibrations.
Heavenly Data Transmission III
2005 05 18
The terminology of Heaven has been subverted by Dogma. Repetitious drones do not reach the Mind of God. It is the longing of the Heart and the Burning Call of the Soul which turns His mighty ear.
Mad cow - mad science - mad solutions
2005 05 18
Again we want, or to be more accurate - are being feed the quickest, easiest and most foolish way by the elite controllers. The most important thing to remember here is why these types of "express solutions" are being offered to the masses, and that is - don't get any own ideas, don't think for yourself.
Balance; is the only Victory and the only Glory
2005 05 18
Integrity is wholeness and transparency so being as honest with yourself and as many others as possible in as big an arena as possible are the intuitive actions to take at this time. This is how we will connect and know each other my brothers and sisters, by our willingness and ability to reach out to assist each other and in turn be fully open to receive what we truly need.
Are World Wars Orchestrated?
2005 05 16
It was reported in Newsweek, a publication owned by the family of Eugene Meyer, a past Director of the War Finance Board (WW1), Governor of the Federal Reserve and President of the World Bank. Nothing appears in the mass media without an ulterior purpose. The Illuminati is promoting a clash of "civilizations" between Islam and the US.
Chief Of Police Who Received Verichip Advocates Forced Government Chipping To Buy And Sell
2005 05 15
The Bergen County, New Jersey Chief of Police Jack Schmidig barked, "do I trust the government? I am the government!" as he advocated mandatory government implant chipping by law to buy and sell. Schmidig made nationwide headlines when he personally got chipped last month.
How Philosophy Overcomes Tyranny
2005 05 15
It requires a discerning mind to grasp how philosophy is able to conquer unrestrained repressive power. But the potency philosophy possesses to overcome tyranny is real--not some ethereal metaphysical conjecture meant to soothe and befuddle the credulous.
The Awakening Project
2005 05 15
Different planets are becoming brighter and experiencing, heating, atmospheric and velocity changes. The magnetic field of the sun has increased substantially over the last 10 years and the once stable eleven year solar sun spot cycle is now unpredictable.
Awaken Visions
2005 05 15
Artistic talent combined with life-long exploration of consciousness and devotion to self-realization has given Daniel B. Holeman an ability to depict uplifting and profound sacred imagery. His inspirational paintings have a strong impact and an uncanny affect on people. Many are deeply touched emotionally – sometimes brought to tears - and describe his paintings as the most beautiful pictures they have ever seen.
US robot builds copies of itself
2005 05 13
US researchers have devised a simple robot that can make copies of itself from spare parts. Writing in Nature, the robot's creators say their experiment shows the ability to reproduce is not unique to biology.
A Change in Plans
2005 05 12
It appears that those of the higher-density STS polarity have concluded that things are not going the way they want on the surface of the planet, primarily in that they have become impatient for the "fireworks" to begin. What this translates to is an acceleration in the speed at which events will unfold, primarily in the realm of wars and human suffering.
Ansiktsigenkänning nu i tre dimensioner
2005 05 12
I England går utvecklingen raskt vidare för tekniken med digital ansiktsigenkänning. Den ledande leverantören Identix, med programvaran FaceIt, har kompletterat sitt system med hudanalys. Utöver att använda mått mellan olika delar i ansiktet för identifiering analyseras alltså människors hud - kombinationen ger högre träffsäkerhet. FaceIt är det system som används av vissa övervakningskameror på gator och torg i utkanten av London.
Murals, Communism, Freemasonry and Prometheus
2005 05 11
This little section was really triggerd when looking at some of the murals by Diego Rivera. The reason I like to look at murals is because they are often very expressive and ritualistic and in their symbolism. Murals are often placed in very high traffic public places, where they can impact as many people as possible, there are always interesting details to look at.
Ecstasy & Prozac can block cancer growth
2005 05 10
Ahhhh ha ha ha HA HA AHH HAHA HA HAHAHA HA HA HA HA HAA AAA .... uhhh ... Ahh haha ha. HA HHAH AHA HA HA HAHAHAH AHAHAHA HAHAHA HA HA A HA HA. The insanity is complete! These two articles works great together: Worldwide cancer rates 'double' Go on, whatcha lookin at... start munchin!
The Void
2005 05 09
With all the big and exciting energy bursts and New blueprints offered in March and April, a lull and void was certainly to be expected. We have been elevated and pushed into New territory, and after all this greatly moving energy, when a big wane comes as is occurring now, it feels quite the contrary.
Jim Marrs interviews Ed Haslam on Dreamland
2005 05 09
Always a popular guest, Jim Marrs joins William Henry as a frequent Dreamland host with this phenomenal interview of Ed Haslam, the author of Mary, Ferrie and the Monkey Virus. Then Linda Howe reports on strange lights seen over the Serpent Mound in Ohio. Haslam asks the question: was AIDS manmade, and did people like Clay Shaw, Guy Banister, David Ferrie and Dr. Alton Ochsner, one of New Orleans' most famous residents play a role. Listen Now
Protecting Your Heart With Happiness
2005 05 08
Perhaps there should be a stronger focus on maximizing the population's happiness, as findings showed happiness can lead to lower levels of a potentially dangerous stress chemical in the body. In fact, happier people may be healthier both mentally and physically, compared to less happy people.
Natural Petroleum - NO Connection With Biological Matter
2005 05 08
With recognition that the laws of thermodynamics prohibit spontaneous evolution of liquid hydrocarbons in the regime of temperature and pressure characteristic of the crust of the Earth, one should not expect there to exist legitimate scientific evidence that might suggest that such could occur. Indeed, and correctly, there exists no such evidence.
Bankers Behind "Counter" Culture
2005 05 08
Comment: They offer a hijacked New Age. (The real IS comming. It's here!). Are we gonna allow them to supply us with "their" New Age or are we gonna break free and experience the "real" New Aquarian age? There IS a shift in consciousness. A New Energy IS on the way in. Never mind the many "trapdoor solution" they setup for us. They know it, they have a finger on the Universal Pulse.
The Origins Of Modern Zionism
2005 05 06
Modern Zionism has its roots in a 17th century false Jewish messiah by the name of Sabbatai Zevi who claimed to be the promised savior of the Jews that has come to establish the Jewish kingdom in the promised land known then as Palestine. Zevi was a very controversal figure, he not only trashed the Talmud but said to do opposite what God said to do in the Talmud.
Active Sun Throws NASA Predictions Off
2005 05 06
There's a myth about the sun. Teachers teach it. Astronomers repeat it. NASA mission planners are mindful of it. Every 11 years solar activity surges. Sunspots pepper the sun; they explode; massive clouds of gas known as "CMEs" hurtle through the solar system. Earth gets hit with X-rays and protons and knots of magnetism. This is called solar maximum.
Governments Kill More People Than Wars
2005 05 06
Pol Pot ordered the killing of at least one million 'class enemies' in the Cambodian Killing Fields. About 25 million soldiers died in World Wars I and II. Another 12 million were killed in this century's other wars and revolutions, a total of 37 million dead. Under Lenin and Stalin, the Soviet government became the greatest mass-murderer in history. Lenin's collectivization and purges of 1921-1922 caused 4 million deaths.
The Parable of the Room
2005 05 06
Imagine for a moment that we are all sitting in one huge room. The room that we are in has doors and windows and is like any other room that any of us have been in except for the fact that the room is freezing cold. In fact, it is so cold that everyone in the room has several layers of warm clothing on: hats, gloves, and parkas to insulate us from the bitter cold.
Alex Jones - The Real Origins Of The 9/11 Truth Movement
2005 05 06
Four years ago in May 2001, I watched a British Channel 4 documentary about Alex Jones' infiltration into Bohemian Grove. At first glance the show seemed to be a hit piece aimed at discrediting Alex and his work. But I wanted to make sure so I visited Alex's website and started listening to his radio show.
Solar Scientist Give Global Warming Fanatics a Black Eye
2005 05 03
Yet another research article as part of a continuing flow of information which calls the environmental zealots out on the carpet, shows yet again how much influence solar particles have on our home. The global warming regime tried to use the very same formula the Bush regime used with Iraq. Create an ‘evil doer’, demonize and create false scenarios, scare the public, then come forward as the ‘white knight’ to save the day, but with a martyrs slant.
MSG Causes Most Obesity In US And Canada
2005 05 02
No strain of rat or mice is naturally obese, so the scientists have to create them. They make these morbidly obese creatures by injecting them with MSG when they are first born. The MSG triples the amount of insulin the pancreas creates, causing rats (and humans?) to become obese; they even have a title for the race of fat rodents they create: "MSG-Treated Rats." Watch Flash (audio)
Project Paperclip: Nazis in America
2005 05 02
At the close of World War II, U.S. officials and the Allied countries discovered that Germany had developed a technical superiority far beyond what they had imagined. In Nazi Germany, 20,000 scientists had revolutionized the weapons of war, and reports written by Allied investigators described the Germans’ “astonishing achievement” and “superb inventions.”
The Four Sacred Stone Tablets - Hopi & Tibetan Prophecy
2005 05 02
If you look at the maps where the people of Hopi live and Tibetans live, [it] is exactly on opposite parts of the world of the Mother Earth. The Hopi word for love is the Tibetan word for hate. And the Tibetan word for love is the Hopi word for hate.
Heavenly Data Transmission II
2005 05 02
There has been a cloud of pessimism drifting through the collective mind of humanity. Thankfully it is only temporary and the obvious solutions will still be there when the truth dawns upon you. That is the most beautiful quality about Creation.
Bilderberg Found! Meeting to be Held in Posh German Resort Hotel
2005 05 02
Bilderberg is gathering at the Dorint Sofitel Seehotel Ueberfahrt, Germany. High officials of the U.S. government and possibly a few congressional leaders will participate in three days of secret meetings to plan global policy. Heads of state and other high officials from Europe and Britain will participate, along with world financiers.
Exploading Toads & Russell Targ on Dreamland
2005 05 01
Linda Howe leads Dreamland off this week with one of the most bizarre biological mysteries in decades: exploding toads. Then Whitley, who has studied remote viewing, talks with one of its legendary originators: Russell Targ. Listen Now
Mayday! Mayday! Happy Birthday Illuminati!
2005 05 01
Adam Weishaupt ( February 6, 1748 - November 18, 1811) was the German founder of the Order of the Illuminati 1776. He was born and raised in Ingolstadt, where he attained the rank of Professor of Canon Law in 1772. The Illuminati, the Grand Orient, B'nai B'rith (Sons of the Covenant), and other Masonic lodges were all interested in agitating the workers towards certain "useful" goals.
Truth needs no defence, only secrets and lies do
2005 05 01
To be what we call alive, the matter in our bodies and in our universe has to move. It can't stand still. If that happens, we "die", or leave the vibration range of this dimension. The cosmos is a perfectly organised chaos of absolute justice. What I mean to say is simply that things change for a reason.

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