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Worldwide Renaissance, 2005
2005 04 04

By Alfred Lehmberg |

"We will have a liberal democracy, or we will return to the Dark Ages."
--Franklin Roosevelt, 1940

We are living in a tinderbox world of direly fearful propensities. The only relief we can achieve from same is that which we make up of ourselves, for ourselves, and by ourselves. We create our own reality. We always have.

Additionally, and more to the point, ~you~ live in a tinderbox world of fearful propensities, reader. The only relief ~you~ can achieve is... that which ~you~ make up of yourself, for yourself, and by yourself. You can see how that might work. The individual is key. Billions are feloniously spent manipulating the feelings and sensibilities of the individual... you, good reader. But you will endure. You always have.

Everyone is the center of their own universe, by default. Trouble is, reality is a universe of many ~many~ centers, known and unknown. And, that's a good thing. Really. We wouldn't want it any other way, believe me.

The dark antithesis of diversity is rule by force outside the rule of law, autocratic convenience for a very small minority, abandoned due process for the rest of us, theocratic hypocrisy, authoritarianism, and a cruel return to the horrific pre-renaissance "Dark Ages"... a time where, like now astonishingly, even the first-tier Kings couldn't read!

What can the individual do, then, against a hijacked society imposed against him or her. The answer is simple to express even if difficult to execute. Ready to hear it? Here it comes...

Enthusiastically embrace your enlightenment at the ready expense of your ignorance. That's it. Hard, but it does get easier to do as you go along. Sincerely.

In a nutshell, if you feel a certain way about something, for your God of choice's sake, be able to explain why you feel that way, readily entertain discussion contrary to the way you feel to test it... work passionately to dissolve your needless ignorance... or shut, the f__k, up! No one else should be required to validate ~your~ faith, justify ~your~ belief system, or pay with life, liberty, or gainful employment for ~your~ world view... especially if you can't justify or qualify your prosecution of it.

You gloat pompously, acting thus, as you create your own enemies. Acting thus, you have created me, and this is among a multitude of much more significant others. Verily. Be damned.

The expletive was justified. Let's move on.

How do you become informed enough to be able to explain why you feel the way you feel? Ready? Here it comes!


Yeah -- I know... The short answer just cattle-prods more questions. What! Where! When! Why! ...And all too often, How!

All very valid questions... unfortunately maneuvering you, cleverly honored reader, into the cold cruel claws of the tyrannous and psychopathic monsters plaguing us all today. It is by malicious design, presently, that you have to work multiple jobs in a failing economy with no health care at a subsistence level... distracted so you don't have ~time~ to stop for a prudent "wait a minute" or even a cleansing breath... a meaningful pause... some respite.

It is by design that psychosis spews from television, hatred rules the airwaves, and loathing oozes from mainstream print. It's all about manipulating ~you~, good reader, assaulting ~already~ bruised sensibilities with "Terri Schaivos" and "Michael Jacksons" and "soiled blue dresses" so you won't have ~time~ to be reminded about unending war and planet death and suffocating overpopulation... in a list that goes on and on and on...

Back at the ranch, an answer to the previously posed questions is the point of this essay. You need an inventive springboard, good reader, into raw thinking and information that is diverse (our cultural savior!), inclusive, and widely focused. From UFOs to hate crime and through crypto-archeology to progressive politics... there should be no boundaries and fewer filters. Raw veggies are ~always~ better than processed ones.

The site is an excellent example of this, of course, but the point of this essay is an alternative springboard of which you may not have heard. To wit:

Miriam Andujar is an assiduously educated and progressive woman of grace, intelligence, and courage who has produced just such a cyber-springboard. Spanning 'worldwiderenaissance' dot COM, ORG, and NET, Miriam provides a wealth of new outlooks, fresh outreaches, and novel approaches that inspire while they inform, gladden while they satisfy, and compel as much as they improve. Her sincerity becomes as quickly obvious as the flowers in her hair.

Like Jeff Rense's eclectic site it is organized, objective, constructive, and comprehensive. It is entirely flexible, inordinately acceptable, plainly specific, and decidedly thoughtful. It encompasses a wealth of progressive, people loving, and humanistic conduits to 21st Century information venues and it remains optimistic for all its criticality of a corrupt status quo. WorldWideRenaissance is the WEB embodiment of the Internet driven 'new' renaissance bursting into flame as we speak, and is worthy of a spot in every progressive person's Favorites folder, without doubt, and to be sure.

WorldWideRenaissance believes that it is the people, ourselves, who would be the engineers of our salvation; persons listening to one another and respecting one another as the cure to what ails us... not jealous institution, conflicted government, or faithless agency. It is as rich as Christmas cake and as relevant as air. It is about people of, by, and for themselves.

Give it a look only because you want to be able to provide citation for your feelings. Give it a look only because you're confused about the hateful theocratic direction that your Nation seems to be taking. Give it a look only because you want to take an individual hand in defining your own perceived reality. But give it a look. It could change your life, and the lives of those around you... in an efficacious way.

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