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3rd Kp Index Spike This Week, Watch for Geo-Magnetic ‘Waves’
2005 04 15

By Mitch Battros | ECTV

For the third time this week, the Kp Index has spiked for yet still unknown reasons. If my theory holds true, watch for “waves” or “rolling events” to occur. For example, I would not be surprised to see consecutive events such as earthquakes, volcanoes or freak storms to occur within days of each other. Of course we know of aftershocks occurring post event, but I am talking about unrelated events. Perhaps a large quake in the Sumatra area, then two days later an equal or near equal large quake in Mexico. Yes, one could argue they are connected via fault lines, or via the larger circumference known as the ‘ring of fire’, but I am not relating to this. I am suggesting several ‘separate’ events caused by “waves” ! of geo-magnetic storms coming in one behind the other. This type of phenomena might also suggest a first wave setting off, then a second or third wave hitting the same region escalating or magnifying a single event.

Another consideration would be a “wave” of volcanic activity. Volcanologist tell us there is not a ‘domino’ effect when it comes to volcanoes. I would agree. Yes, volcanoes are connected in the sense of ‘ring of fire’, but they are not connected as if there were an underground funnel or chamber that connects one to the other. (Not horizontal anyway). Yes, one can certainly say there are ‘vertical’ chambers that would connect a volcano to the Earth’s core or mantel. There is one exception however, that is the calderas such as Yellowstone super-volcano, Long Valley, and Toba. With these (caldera volcano’s) there is indeed horizontal magma chambers that connect different parts of the caldera which would vent in different geographical areas within the caldera itself. There could be several miles between each vent giving! the effect of separate volcanoes.

Reminder: The above scenarios are theoretical possibilities based on scientific facts. However, this does not mean any of the above scenarios will occur. In fact, it is very possible nothing at all will happen. So please let us all put on our hats of discernment and view this as a very public ‘outcome study’. For those of you unfamiliar with research, outcome studies are often used to help provide proof of theory. This is always done in private with only the statisticians and researchers involvement. What I am doing is certainly outside of any scientific standards. This process of engagement is involving you with every step of my research. Usually this would all be done behind the scenes, then at some point, I would make a public announcement telling of my findings. I am trying something new and I hope you support this method. I know there could be some who are upset, and not wishing t! o be involved wanting only the final results. So let me know your thoughts and I can adjust accordingly. My approach does elicit the need of a more balanced and grounded individual who is not easily persuade of changing facts.

More information coming forward regarding NEA (near earth asteroid) “2005 ED318”. This one is pretty darn close. Could a near miss asteroid have enough gravitational pull to affect the Kp Index? Not likely, but I have a feeling there are other energy fields related to celestial orbs that very well could Earth’s magnetic field. Watch for an upcoming newsletter.

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