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Is This Enough Evidence, Or Should There Be More?
2005 04 10

By Mitch Battros | ECTV

Today marks day three (72 hours) since April 4/5th Kp Index spike. So lets take a look at what has happened.

1) Mount St. Helens 'Dome' Has Just Imploded

2) Several Earthquakes Rattle Indonesia in Last 24 Hours

3) Volcano Pours Ash Over Pacific Islands

4) Strong Quake Hits Near Tibet

5) String of Mexico and Central America Volcanoes are Rumbling

6) Three Philippine Volcanoes Act Up

7) 2.8 Earthquake Hits Mt Hood

8) Magnitude 2.9 – Hits New Mexico

9) Unusual 3.3 Quake Hits Southern Idaho

10) Small Earthquake Felt in Southeastern Massachusetts

All of the above articles are posted on the ECTV website. And oh yes, there are even more. But the question remains…is this enough evidence to confirm a geo-magnetic 72 hour causal effect? I’m afraid the answer is “no”. Yes I know many of you will be shaking your head saying “come on Mitch, what more do you need…geez, what does it take to convince you guys, having an earthquake rip right thru your home?” Well kind of…

When new research tries to introduce a new theory, extraordinary evidence needs to accompany relative claims or premise to be substantiated by governing bodies and colleague . Now on the other hand if Mount St. Helens were to erupt in the fashion of March 7th, then we’d have something to fight over. As it is now, even with what appears to be substantial evidence that would be hard pressed to explain away as “coincidence”, most scientific bodies would not touch it. So I’m afraid it will simply have to go down as “recorded events” which may someday be attached to collective data and presented in a peer-review analysis.

Stay tuned to ECTV for the latest in research development in ‘earth science’ and ‘space weather’. Believe me when I tell you, you are in fact the first to know what is unfolding in ‘real or near real time’ news. Oh and btw, the weekend is not over yet. No telling what could happen today, tonight or tomorrow. Check back with us often. I will not have time to send out a newsletter, but will post breaking news and articles on Earth Changes TV.

Article From: ECTV Newsletter

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