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New Kp Index Spike; Will Earthquake/Volcano Follow?
2005 04 06

By Mitch Battros | newsletter

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Within the last two hours, a new ‘spike’ has registered on the Kp Index. This will be a good opportunity to see if “unusual” earthquake or volcanic activity occurs. I highlight “unusual” because anything else could be explained away as “nominal” and would most likely be correct.

So what would determine “unusual”? I would say geographical areas less likely to experience earthquakes. It could also be large or ‘mega’ quakes anywhere on Earth. It is really hard to say. This is going to be a difficult area of research to prove a 72 hour causal effect. But lets just see what happens in the next two days.

When it comes to volcanoes, this may be less cumbersome to discern. I would say a sudden and unexpected eruption such as what happened with Mount St. Helens on March 7th would qualify. I would also keep a close eye on active or semi-dormant super-volcanoes such as Toba, Yellowstone, and Long Valley.

This is area of research is so new, I would measure it in weeks and months, not years or decades. That’s right folks, you are witnessing the birth of a new area of study as it unfolds “live” and most cases in ‘real time’ as I interview the top minds in the field of solar weather and earth science. This could not be more exciting, and potentially most explosive.

So why now? Well I would have to state the most obvious. 1) It could be as simple as someone asking the right questions. Yes, just becoming aware of current events and asking why. And believe me folks, I am hot on the trail and will continue to do just that. 2) The reason may not only be asking the right questions, but what drew my attention to begin this line of research. This is to say there may in fact be something occurring in this very time that was not present before. As we all have learned, a galactic super wave or gamma ray burst occurred some 50,000 light years away which was so intense, when the wave hit the Earth’s magnetic field, the sky become brighter than the moon in the middle of the night.

Dr. Stefaan Poedts: ESA (European Space Agency) Lead Scientist on plasma astrophysics is one of the top scientists in the world in the area of galactic waves. His research is situated in the field of computational and nonlinear Magnetohydrodynamics with applications in 'solar astrophysics'. He is particularly interested in MHD (magnetic hydro dynamics) wave dynamics (generation, propagation, and dissipation) of coronal loops, coronal holes, galactic and extra-galactic jets, and galactic and accretion disks and in the nonlinear dynamics of Coronal Mass Ejections and super-fast magnetized flows around comets, moons, and planets and the MHD shock interactions in such flows (related to space weather and earth science).

As you heard ‘live’ in my interview on the ECTV ‘Radio Hour’, Dr. Poedts supports my premise of a possible connection between a ‘spike’ in the Kp Index and its possible corraltion to seismic or volcanic activity. He goes further in suggesting it could be some sort of cosmic influence interaction with the Earth’s core.

Now lets take a look at it from a more ‘esoteric’ or metaphysical perspective.

Mahala, one of our contributing editors we host on our “Earth Astrology” page said the following:

“The energies have been really different since the tsunami last December. Could this change in energy have to do with the gamma ray burst that happened just 44.6 hours after the tsunami? This gamma ray burst was 100 times more intense than any burst that had been previously recorded, equaling the brightness of the full Moon. This burst originated from SGR1806-2 which is a neutron star and is located about 10 degrees northeast of the Galactic center and about 45,000 light years from us. In Paul LaViolette's book titled Earth Under Fire he presents evidence that a strong gravity wave might be expected to travel forward in front of a galactic superwave and would be the first to arrive here. He points out that such gravity waves could induce substantial tidal forces on Earth during their passage that could induce earthquakes and cause polar axis torquing effects. Isn't that exactly what happened on December 26, 2004? There could als! o have been other events associated with that quake.

We are still reeling from the effects of that Gamma Ray Burst. That burst hit the moon first, and then it bounced off and hit the Earth's ionosphere, which caused it to light up. This burst was very high frequency energy and the Earth is still shaking and quaking from it. On December 26, there were 17 major 6 and 7 point earthquakes recorded. By December 27, about 30 quakes were recorded, not only in the Sumatra area, but all over the world, and it's still quaking.

When something that dramatic hits our ionosphere, it also affects us personally and we move into high-speed transformation. How did this energy affect you? Are you an empath who feels everything that goes on in the world? Empaths came in with their heart chakra open, and tend to work through the second chakra which connects to the emotional body. Now it's time to work through the heart and the solar plexus chakra so you can manifest your power instead of taking on everyone else's problems.”

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