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'Maniac' Killings and violence to Force Mental Health Screening Legislations World Wide?
2005 03 17 - Updated: 2005 03 31

Henrik Palmgren |

Here it is again folks, hidden in plain view: Problem - Reaction - Solution (Explained)

These are only a few of many, many, many headlines regarding bizarre violence, murders, people 'hearing voices' and 'Jesus told me to stab...' etc. etc. So what's going on, why is this happening?

Inquiry urged into cannibal's care
Calls are growing for an independent inquiry into why a paranoid schizophrenic and self-confessed cannibal was released to kill again. After his arrest, Bryan told officers: "I would have done someone else if you hadn't come along. I wanted their souls."

'Beheading' horror in street
A man was beheaded in a frenzied and prolonged axe attack in a London street today. The axeman, smartly-dressed and in his thirties, felled his victim with one blow and then struck repeatedly "as if he was chopping wood".

Parade car drives into crowd; 8 hurt
"We were sitting here ... smiling and having a good time, then all of a sudden, bam, this guy comes tearing through the parade and smashes into the band," said Bobby Johnson of New York. The car was estimated to be traveling at 30 mph. The driver was being questioned by police, Burnsed said. Investigators had determined that the driver was not intoxicated and had not suffered a health condition.

Anna Lindh killer blames 'voices'
The self-confessed killer of Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh has told a Stockholm court that voices in his head made him attack the politician. Mijailo Mijailovic rocked slightly in his chair as he described how he saw Ms Lindh out shopping and "couldn't resist the voices". Mr Mijailovic's lawyer said his client, who denies murder, admitted stabbing Ms Lindh, but did not intend to kill her.

Mom Accused Of Severing Baby's Arms Incompetent For Trial - Bi-Polar Disorder, Postpartum Onset
A judge is expected to issue an order committing Dena Schlosser of Plano to the North Texas State Hospital in Vernon, for mental evaluation. Schlosser is charged with capital murder in the Nov. 22 death of 10-month-old Margaret Schlosser. The woman has admitted to severing the child's arms. Police said they found Schlosser in her apartment holding a knife. Religious hymns were playing in the background.

Where do these voices come from? (If that is what they are?)
Voice-To-Skull Technology was achieve in 1974, more than 30 years ago, how sophisticated is the technology today? Remote controled etc?

Burr and Mauro (6) presented evidence that indicates that there is an electrostatic field about neurons. Morrow and Sepiel (7) presented evidence that indicates the existence of a magnetic field about neurons. Becker (personal communication) has done some work indicating that there is longitudinal flow of charge carriers in neurons. Thus, it is reasonable to suspect that possibly the electromagnetic field could interact with neuron fields. As yet, evidence of this possibility is inconclusive. The strongest point against is that we have not found visual effects although we have searched for them. On the other hand, we have obtained other nonauditory effects and found that the sensitive area for detecting rf sounds is a region over the temporal lobe of the brain. One can shield, with a 2-in.sq. piece of fly screen, a portion of the strippled area shown in Fig. 6 and completely cut off the rf sound.
From: Human auditory system response to Modulated electromagnetic energy

Read more: Patent For Microwave Voice-To-Skull Technology
Voice to Skull Success, 1974!

Can body functions be controled via electromagnetism? Can the conscious part of the brain be "shutdown"?
Snap! As the machine fires the first magnetic pulse, my scalp feels like it is being pinched and puckered.

After rotating a knob on a box of electronics, Prof John Rothwell holds a giant black key against my head once again. Crack! Now it feels like someone is tapping my forehead with a pen. From the inside. Curious.

Roger Highfield 'enjoying' the TMS experience. Snap! Snap! Nothing happens. "I was stimulating your brain," he says.

Another twiddle. Snap, snap, snap! My arm becomes possessed. It twitches and jerks with each flick of the switch. Prof Rothwell is satisfied. He is ready to boost my brain by zapping my temporal lobe with bursts of magnetic energy.
From: The day my brain was turned off by a magnet

Control! To prevent spiritual growth? To restrain the obvious ongoing awakening? Your guess is as good as mine. Why not create a slave race 'robots' to be commanded at your will, right? If they imagine it, they will try to get it. Phoenix Undead, The Montauk Project might give some more clues to the story.

Maybe it has to do with forced psychological testing/screening? To get the entire population on drugs? They create a problem then offer new laws to "protect us" from all the maniacs "out there" as a final solution?

'Cannibal' Killing Forces Mental Health Bill Review - UK

Don't Let Congress Fund Orwellian Psychiatric Screening of Kids

Bush to screen population for mental illness

Mental health and world citizenship

Forced Mental Health Screening for Your Children

Mandatory mental health screening program would dose pregnant women with prescription drugs that cause birth defects

The Antidepressants connection
Killer of Sweden's Foreign Minister Tells of Hearing Voices
Mr. Mijailovic had been using anti-depressants that may have been wrongly prescribed.

Zoloft defence fails, boy found guilty of murder
A 15-year-old boy who claimed the antidepressant Zoloft drove him to kill his grandparents was found guilty of murder Tuesday. Christopher Pittman could get 30 years to life in prison after a jury rejected his claim that he was involuntarily intoxicated by the drug.

Paxil Banned For 18 And Under In UK And Ireland
In 1997 NJ Nick Mansies (15) invited a young boy (6) into his home while he was selling cookies door to door. Under the influence of Paxil Nick sodomized and beat the boy to death. Two months ago a 10 year old boy in NJ while on one of these antidepressants killed a 3 year old boy in the same way. The only difference is that younger and younger children are the ones committing these violent acts upon younger and younger children!

A 15 year old boy in TN shot and killed his father after 10 days on Paxil and then attacked his mother with a shovel

Chris Shannahan (15) from Rigby, ID killed a woman in a convenience store after three months on Paxil.

A 12 year old boy in Chester, SC shot his grandparents while they slept and then he set the house on fire.

Add to this all of the youth suicides and children suffering suicidal thoughts, cutting themselves, or going through terrible withdrawal.

I'm not saying that people can't 'flip'. I'm just curious to what the 'force' and the reason behind it might be, as there seems to be an increasing rate of these extremly violent acts.

The Plan To Psychologically Test Every Child
Alex Jones interview Dr. John Breeding regarding the Latest Developments on the New Freedom Initiative. (Bush's Plan to to turn our schools into psychiatric “recruitment centers” and “mental health clinics.”)

Audio: The Plan To Psychologically Test Every Child

As the old world collapses, you want to stay out of the way.
From Michael Sharp: Letting go of the old Empower in the new!
"Now I’m not trying to scare anybody here. I’m just calling it like I see it. There are people out there who are not going to make it. There are many reasons for this from the guilt bred in the churches to the fear and insignificance foisted on us by some scientific philosophies. They are going to see the truth about themselves and they won’t want to accept it. They wont’ see their glory or won’t feel like they are worthy.

Now don’t get me wrong. There’s not that many, really, who are going to have that kind of trouble. Like I’ve said in the past, the “infrastructure” we built for this event is really quite grand and the timing of the activations and awakenings impeccable. But when you have 6 billion people on the planet, “not that many” can amount to several hundred thousand. The key thing to keep in mind here is that several hundred thousand unstable people running around in a growing panic can do significant damage with modern technologies.

Especially when they are in positions of power.

But not to worry.

Everything is under control.

The more panic you will see, the less control they will have.

As I say in the Dossier, fear cuts you off. Fear dis-empowers. "

Agreed, no Fear!

From: Anya
2005 03 17

I knew it!!! A few months ago I read about a new bill that was past called something like The New Coalition for Mental Health. I'm not sure about the details of the bill or proposal but it seems that it will make mental health screening mandatory.
When all this violence and murder started to occur I knew they were going to take advantage of it (although I wonder how many of these people commiting these crimes are already on some sort of psycotropic drug).

Just think of the implications. People always say things that others might think are a little wierd or crazy, doesn't mean they have mental problems, but now it will.

Will they start declaring those of us who stand firmly against this gov't and everything it stands for mentally unstable? Why not, after all, don't some usually say that you'd have to be crazy to not support your gov't or a war that supposedly is creating peace instead of insigtating it?

The big Bush handout to pharmaceutical companies: mandatory mental health screening for entire U.S. population


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