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Stalin's Secret Files On Hitler
2005 03 17

By Allan Hall | The Scotsman - UK

BERLIN -- The secret personal files of the Soviet dictator Josef Stalin on the private life of his greatest enemy, the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, have been unearthed in a Moscow archive and are to be published next week in Germany.

On 413 pages of closely written and typed Cyrillic script, the papers were buried along with hundreds of tons of other secret documents on the orders of the NKVD - forerunner to the KGB - in the Institute for History in the Russian capital. They are now to be published as The Hitler Book next Monday.

Many are based on interviews with Hitler,s adjutant, Otto Günsche, and his personal valet, Heinz Linge. Both captured in Berlin in 1945, they spent the next ten years in Moscow being debriefed almost daily to provide Stalin with a detailed portrait of his nemesis.

In the 1950s the papers, classified under the former Soviet premier Nikita Kruschev as file 462a, were stored in the Communist Party archives. They were eventually discovered by the German historians Matthias Uhl and Henrik Eberle.

Professor Horst Moeller, director of the Historical Institute in Munich, said: "With minute details it provides a fascinating insight into the lives of both dictators. It is a remarkable portrait about the obsessive nature of one dictator over the habits and mores of another."

It contains many of the private thoughts and biting asides that Hitler delivered to his inner circle - a circle that his two top aides moved in.

For example, Hitler was sceptical of Hermann Goering, his bombastic air force chief, and his claims to be able to win the war. Stalin noted an anecdote on page 276 of his paperwork where Hitler allegedly said after the Battle of Britain: "If the Luftwaffe can't fly anymore then at least we can use his men to fight on the ground."

Günsche and Linge said that far from being in the background, Hitler's mistress Eva Braun was at the epicentre of Nazi politics for most of the 12-year lifespan of the Third Reich.

One passage, concerning 1936, reads: "He was always accompanied by her. As soon as he heard the voice of his lover he became jollier. He would make jokes about her new hats. He would take her for hours on end into his study where there would be champagne cooling in ice, chocolates, cognac and fruit."

But when Hitler burned the midnight oil speaking with his Nazi underlings or his generals, "Eva would often be in tears".

"She felt a bird in a golden cage, her life unfulfilled as his bed partner," they said.

Linge said that Hitler once ordered a doubling of the police guard on Braun's Munich villa before the war, after she told the Gestapo that a woman had called her the "Führer-whore".

Stalin, who ordered Hitler's skull to be brought to Moscow after Red Army troops found his and Braun's bodies in the ruins of the Reich Chancellery in 1945, was obsessed with the minutiae of Hitler's daily life.

He wanted to know in particular about routine at the Berghof, Hitler's mountain home in Bavaria. Linge told him: "Hitler's conversation there was banal. At the dinner table he would praise the dresses of the female staff, say how difficult they must find it not being able to get their hair done or their nails filed on the mountain.

"Hitler had a weird sense of humour. He would laugh at Eva's lipstick on a serviette and then say: "Soon we will have replacement lipstick made from dead bodies of soldiers,."

The book contains details about how his SS guards were detailed to buy him presents, how his dark moods were uplifted by photos in magazines of the early days of Nazism, and how he sat under the portrait of Frederick the Great, which he carted with him everywhere, believing he would give him divine inspiration to win the war.

Günsche reported how Hitler once flew into a frenzy with his secretary, Martin Bormann, because Braun wanted to hire ten more serving girls over the 30-strong complement laid down by him for the kitchens.

"I stamp whole divisions into the dirt!" screamed Hitler. "And I can,t get a few more serving wenches for the Berghof? Organise it now!"

Psychologists and psychiatrists have for years regarded Hitler and Stalin as mirror images of each other, both essentially bourgeois figures with irresistible megalomaniacal tendencies. "It is little wonder that both were fascinated by one another, although both knew that capture by the other would lead to certain death," said Mr Eberle.

From Matt Stern


As weird as some of these allegations are...and Adolf was a strange one...when one overlays the whole, hideous Skull and Bones/pedophilia/homosexual/male prostitute GOP milieu over this, Hitler the Vegan looks rather placid in comparison.

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