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A Side Note: ‘Sorcha Faal’ Probable Hoax
2005 02 07

by Mitch Battros – ECTV

There has been a recent article running around the internet authored by the name “Sorcha Faal”. Email: This person (male or female) claims to have some knowledge of Russian science research implying some connection with something called Russian Academy of Sciences. From what I can gather, I’m not sure if this so-called Russian Academy of Sciences is an acknowledged scientific body, if it exist at all. This set aside, when doing a search on this site, I put in the name Sorcha Faal with a result “Not Found”

This person has put out an article titled “Russian Military Movements towards Protected Areas Beginning” and implies (he/she) has some book “now in English”. Funny thing thou, there is not one mention of any such book, nor its title. I would say this has all the markings of a hoax.

I have sent two emails to Faal requesting a resume’ or CV (curriculum vitae) for review to set up a possible interview. To date I have not received a response.

Need I remind us all…during this time of escalated events, there will be hoaxters coming out of the woodwork claiming some “special knowledge” and their “mission” to get the word out to the world. So I shall once again remind us all to use your gift of “discernment”. It is most important to follow “your” truth. Not mine or anyone else. Seek and you shall find. Find What? Your Truth!

**Watch for charlatans at every corner, Why? Because they are watching you!!!

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