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More Eruptions With Injuries - Manam Volcano
2005 02 03

The paroxysmal eruption of Manam Volcano reached the stratosphere where there is a warming of air temperatures. One hour after the initial eruption, the ash cloud reached a diameter of 180 km and an altitude of 21-24 km. The volcano is at stage 3 alert. Further large eruptions are possible.

Further information has been received about the large eruption of Manam volcano in Papua New Guinea. Thirteen people have been injured and one is missing, presumed dead after Friday's eruption. The eruption was larger then the eruptions of last October and November. Falling debris and lava burnt several people who were taken to Madang hospital for treatment. An elderly man from Warisi village was missing, possibly buried under his collapsed house. Two thousand people had returned to the island, which was evacuated last November, and are now pleading to be evacuated. Several houses have burnt down from hot emissions from the volcano, and others have collapsed under the weight of ash and cinders. People are resorting to shielding themselves using palm leaves. The first eruption occurred at night and caught people by surprise. Boats, canoes, and gardens were destroyed by tephra, and people were stranded on the island. A rescue ship has been sent to evacuate people to the mainland. Some of the people stranded on Manam Island had arrived only hours before the eruption to gather food from their gardens. A report from the Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea stated that the eruption was heard in Mt Hagen, over 200 km SSW of the volcano. This is the largest eruption in the world over the past 12 months.

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