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Meteor Seen Falling in Madrid Suburb
2005 02 01

A spectacular fireball meteor was seen falling in the neighbourhood of two Madrid airports, emergency services said today.

“We had three calls and are aware of other calls reporting a huge fireball before midnight,” said Luis Serrano of the emergency telephone service in Madrid.

Spanish press agency EFE also received calls reporting the falling object which was seen descending nearly vertically near the airports.

Barajas International Airport that services the Spanish capital is about 4.3 miles from Torrejon military air base.

“An enormous, incandescent and very red ball gave a tremendous flash and then went out in a few seconds,” witness Jose Antonio Lopez told EFE. He said he believed it was a meteor “by the way it fell and the brevity of the object’s flash”.

Officers at Torrejon, which was once a United States air base, would not comment. Barajas Airport press department also had nothing to report.

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